Fight germs at your get-togethers with these tips from The Maids

Don't spend your entire holiday season sipping on this.

We hear it all the time. The wreaths are hung, the tree is lit, the refrigerator is full of family favorites, and alas… you come down with a cold.

We all know by now what we can do to prevent ourselves from getting sick, but what about preventing our holiday guests from spreading germs throughout your home? Exchange gifts not germs this holiday season and uses these simple cleaning techniques before, during and after your holiday gatherings.

  • Wash your hands regularly in warm, soapy water. Place antibacterial hand sanitizer in plain view for your guests to use. Make an effort not to touch your mouth, nose or eyeswithout first washing your hands.
  • Spray disinfecting spray on a cloth and wipe all hard surfaces — doorknobs, appliance handles, remote controls, light switches, phones, keyboards, facial tissue box covers, tables, chairs and counters. Viruses can live for up to 48 hours on hard surfaces.
  • Keep germs at bay in the bathroom by stashing disinfecting wipes near the toilet and sink for easy, quick cleanup whenever needed.
  • Hosting overnight guests? Wash towels and bedding in hot water with soap. Be sure not to share these items until they are thoroughly cleaned.
  • To keep children safe, an effective way to clean and sanitize toys is in the dishwasher. Make sure the items are dishwasher safe and are placed securely on the racks away from the heat source. Turn off “heat dry” and run the wash cycle as usual.

No one wants to add another item to the check list this time of year, but a few quick and preventative measures can help save the holiday from disaster. Too busy to clean for the holidays? Give yourself the gift of deep cleaning by The Maids to make your home a healthier place to live. Visit to find the locally owned office in your area.

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