The Maids and Mr. Clean: a Match Made in Housekeeping Heaven

Due to our common commitment to quality cleanliness, The Maids and Mr.Clean have had a longstanding mutual admiration. In recent years, that relationship has grown into an official partnership. We knew our cleaning professionals, armed with the power of Mr. Clean’s professional-line products would make an unbeatable team. 

The Maids’ Impressive History

Since our founding in 1979, The Maids has pioneered the residential cleaning industry. We founded the team-cleaning approach after time and motion studies, creating the most effective cleaning processes possible. With our teams and signature, yellow company cars, The Maids quickly went national. Today, The Maids offers deep cleaning services to over 90 major U.S. and Canadian cities. Each week, The Maids clean over 40,000 bathrooms and over 38M Square feet of flooring!

Mr. Clean was developed with a similar passion for bringing sparkling cleanliness to the masses. He dedicated his life to this pursuit, and in doing so, created the best tools and products for eliminating grime. When Mr. Clean heard about our cleaning power and performance, he knew we had to partner up.

Cleaning for Health

The Maids and Mr. Clean worked to clean for health- before it was cool. With an understanding of the way germs are spread, The Maids was the first home cleaning service to clean for health in the 1990s. We set new standards for quality deep cleaning, revolutionizing the housekeeping industry and leaving clients happy.

The 22 Step Process- With Added Muscle

Not only do our customers receive our exclusive 22-Step Cleaning Process done by our trained team of experts, but also get reassurance and validation from Mr. Clean – the expert on powering through dirt, grease, and grime. Our 22-Step Process ensures no room or surface is left untouched. Our teams go through each step, like wiping down the outsides of appliances, vacuuming the floors, cleaning sinks and counters and emptying the trash, each and every visit.  

Our customers love our deep cleaning services like our fall and spring cleaning servicemoving cleaning service, and special cleaning services

Blogs Featuring Mr. Clean

The Maids recognizes the excellence of Mr. Clean. During our partnership, we’ve put his products to the test and have never been more impressed. Traditional and creative uses for Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are highlighted in these popular blog posts.

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An Exciting Opportunity

We’re celebrating our partnership by, offering one lucky winner a chance to receive free house cleaning for a year. Here’s how it works:

  • Request a free house cleaning estimate with The Maids by March 31, 2021.
  • Get automatically entered for a chance to win a year of free housecleaning. Full contest rules and conditions can be found on the website.

The Maids has always been about convenience. That’s why we offer so many different cleaning services. Mr. Clean’s trust has ensured every service we offer gets your home cleaner and healthier.

Put the power of The Maids and Mr. Clean to work in your home. Find a location near you or call us for a FREE estimate.

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