The shower is a daily refuge: a place where we relax, have kid-free quiet time, and win pretend arguments. But its intended purpose and regular use means that it’s also a place where dirt, grime, hair, and soap scum tend to accumulate. For these reasons, cleaning the shower should top the list of must-do weekly chores. 

As simple as it sounds, there are multiple steps that go into achieving the best clean. 

  • Before getting started, remove all shower accessories and products from the area. Open the door, turn on the bathroom fan, and gather supplies.

  • Everyone’s favorite step: unclog the drain. If you’re inclined to get grossed out, hopefully you’re also a parent to a teenager who can take this one off your hands for a small fee. There are plenty of contraptions on the market for this, but a straightened out wire hanger will also do the trick.

  • Rinse the shower walls, and then apply cleaner. Either a commercial product or a natural solution (made of equal parts distilled white vinegar and hot water) will work as a cleaning agent. Make sure that whatever you use is safe for your shower’s material; a cleaning agent made with vinegar is safe on ceramic tile and fiberglass, but will not work on marble. Allow the product to sit for ten minutes.

  • Using a softbristled brush or sponge, scrub the tiles and groutThen, rinse the walls completely.

  • For the tub or floor portion of the shower, apply either a commercial product or the same mixture to the floor. For added scrubbing assistance, sprinkle baking soda over the saturated area. Allow it to sit for at least ten minutes.

  • With a tool of your choice- we recommend the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser- scrub the space, spending extra time on areas where grime tends to accumulate. When the surface is smooth and clean, rinse it completely.

  • If you have a shower door, rinse it with water first, and then coat it with the same natural cleaning mixture.  After letting it sit for ten minutes, wipe with a microfiber cloth or sponge, and then rinse. Using a squeegee or a clean cloth, wipe the door dry.

  • If you have a curtain, remove it and the liner. Both of these items (unless otherwise noted) are washing machine safe. Toss them in the wash together, along with a couple of lightcolored towels to assist with scrubbing. Run a regular cycle with warm or hot water; remove the liner and hang up immediately after wash. The curtain may need a spin cycle, then hang to dry. Depending on the wear, it’s sometimes prudent to replace the liner in lieu of washing. 

Winning imaginary arguments will feel much more satisfying in a spotless surrounding. To achieve a sparkling clean shower, follow these steps, or just give us a call. 

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