Our Best Tips for Mess-Free Potty Training

In the company of other difficult parenting duties is the dreaded task that is potty training. While it’s a relief to think of life without diapers (both the expense and the yuck), potty training can be complicated and sometimes even positively disastrous. 

The good news is it doesn’t have to be! We’ve compiled our very best tips and tricks to help lessen the mess and help your little one meet this milestone.

When to Potty Train

Most toddlers begin potty training somewhere between 18 months and 3 years. The variation exists because of differences in individual children and their own readiness. Some questions to consider before determining if your child is ready are:

  • Can they pull down their pants without assistance?
  • Can they understand and follow simple directions?
  • Are they able to communicate a need to go?

Some young children will demonstrate their readiness by showing special interest in the toilet. If you think your kiddo is interested in potty training, start by having them choose some cool, big kid undies. Being a part of this event can help a young one feel invested and excited.

How to Clean a Baby Potty

After reading some potty-related books and choosing fun underwear, the next steps to potty training are practical ones. Consider accessibility to the toilet itself (if you’d like to train on the “big” potty); does your child need a step stool and/or a small toilet seat insert? If you want to start with a small potty, think about purchasing one for each bathroom in order to make using the toilet easy and accessible.

Little potties are helpful for young ones. They’re not as intimidating as the full-sized toilet and don’t require an extra step stool or additional seat. Even though they’re functional, cleaning a toddler potty can feel overwhelmingly gross.

Here are some ideas for taking the yuck out of the muck:

First, empty the ~contents~ into the actual toilet and flush. Using the tub faucet, fill the small potty bowl with hot water; pour this into the toilet and flush again. Spray the potty with disinfectant, then let it sit for 3-5 minutes to ensure it has eliminated all germs. Grab a paper towel, wipe the bowl dry, and replace it on the small stool. Voila! This is how to clean a potty chair.

If this scenario turns your stomach, don’t worry- there’s a solution. Enter: potty seat liners. This genius invention allows your little one to use a potty their size, but keeps cleaning a cinch. Simply tie up the used liner after #2. Easy peasy.

Must-Have Potty Training Tools

Potty seat liners aren’t the only revolutionary invention in the potty training world. Take a look at gadgets that will make your family’s life easier.

  • Every parent knows this wisdom: a sticker goes a long way. Use that knowledge to your advantage with this cute and helpful chart. Many children are visual learners, and this tool is a great way to combine learning and reward.

  • Part of avoiding an accident is making good choices about timing. Keep reminders about potty use fun with this extra-special potty training watch. It will flash when it’s time to go, making trips to the bathroom playful and positive.

  • Boy moms know the struggle. There’s a lot of cleaning of the seat… the bowl… and the exterior of the toilet. Help your little guy get some silly practice aiming with these flushable targets. They’re such a good time; we bet he’ll be asking to use the bathroom!

  • Lots and lots of praise! Kids (actually, everyone) thrive on encouragement. Shower your child with praise and excitement when they use the bathroom. Every small thing is a win in potty training: when they tell you they need to go, using a public restroom, going #2 for the first time. Before kids, you’d never thought these would be reasons to cheer, but everything is cause for celebration. Dance, sing, go absolutely bananas.

During the process, it’s inevitable that small accidents will happen. Be patient, understanding, and pour on the grace. With these tips your little one will get the hang of it, and you’ll soon wonder where your baby went. We’re not crying, you’re crying.

Throughout the potty training process and after, The Maids is here to help keep your bathroom clean. Call us to schedule your cleaning today and mark house cleaning off your to-do list!

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