Yes, it is December. And, yes we know Fourth of July firework fun was ages ago, but with New Year’s Eve knocking on the door, firework season is back, if only for a day.

Second, only to the nation’s birthday, New Year’s Eve is a huge holiday for fireworks. Aside from public celebrations, many homeowners will ring in the new year with a bang. According to the American Pyrotechnics Association, there is only one state in the country that still all-out bans fireworks (it’s Massachusetts), for the rest of us, the party is lit. Because winter weather makes doing anything outdoors less than ideal, clean up poses more of a challenge.

Prevention is Key

As with so many household messes, prevention is the best cleaning tip we can offer. Have a surface ready to light fireworks off of, like a piece of plywood you can quickly dampen. Ugly burns and scorch marks will mar the plywood, not your driveway. If your amateur pyrotechnics got a little too excited and didn’t use a surface before lighting the fuse, there are other ways to remove burn marks.

Add Some Pressure

Ideally using a pressure washer will remove stains left behind from fireworks. Follow the manufacturer’s directions to decrease damage done to the concrete, like keeping the nozzle at least a foot away. But if the temperature outside has dipped below freezing, this solution might have to wait until spring.

Bleach it Out

Mix three parts water to one part bleach and pour the solution on the stain, let it sit for several minutes then scrub the stain with a stiff brush. Rinse with water. Again, this method is best when temperatures are above freezing.

Mix a Cold-Weather Cleaner

When it’s below 32 degrees, mix up a cleaning solution that won’t freeze up. Use equal parts of rubbing alcohol and water, add your favorite dishwashing liquid and use it and a wire brush to scour out driveway stains.

Do Nothing

Honestly, sunshine and weather will gradually remove any stains left by firework fun. Sunshine is a natural bleaching agent (as anyone who has left upholstery outside or near a window can attest) and over time will lighten any stains left.

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