furniture and boxes_HEADERThere’s no two ways about it: Moving is stressful. For all the rewards that come from setting up a new home and decorating to your heart’s content, getting all your furniture and belongings into a new house, whether it’s across the street or across the country, is exhausting and can require feats of strength if you’re doing it yourself.

One big issue you face during a move is how to transport all your stuff without damaging it. We’ve all been there: You unload the moving truck, ready to settle into your new home, only to discover your antique dresser is scratched up, or your refrigerator has a new dent in it.

But have no fear—we got together with our friends from Unpakt to compile an assortment of the best moving tips to help make this major change in your life a little less stressful. We’ve also put together a selection of packing tips to keep your belongings from looking like they just came off a roller coaster ride.

Large Items

You may be looking at your entertainment center and wondering how, exactly, you can really protect it during a move. A protective packing tip for moving large furniture is to take it apart, if you can. There are some cases where this won’t be possible, but if any of your larger pieces can be dismantled, take them apart. Smaller pieces are easier to move than larger ones, and will be less prone to getting smacked into a doorframe or tumbled down a flight of stairs.

Additionally, wrap as much of your furniture as you can. Use moving blankets, plastic wrap, old sheets, anything you can find; the more you can cover and cushion, the better off your furniture will fare during the move.

Smaller Items

One of the moving tips and tricks we like to recommend is to wrap your glass, silver, and flatware in bubble wrap. Yes, it’s time-consuming, but believe us, it’s better to take the time to pad your stuff instead of facing the disapproving stare of your mother-in-law while you explain why, exactly, the long-stemmed glasses she gave you as a wedding gift are chipped.

Bubble wrap has an additional point in its favor: Give it to your kids as you’re unpacking at the new place and it will keep them occupied, if not completely quiet, for hours.

Bottom to Top

The way you load everything, from your boxes to the moving truck, is crucial. Professional movers will know how to arrange your furniture and boxes, but if you’re moving yourself with a rented truck, you’ll want to keep this—among our other packing tips and tricks—in mind.

Place the heaviest items on the bottom of the box, then put lighter objects (or better yet, soft ones) on top. Same thing when you load the truck: Place your heaviest items on the bottom and to the back of the truck, and stack lighter items on top. This seems fairly common sense, but when you’re under pressure it can be very tempting to throw things in boxes willy-nilly, and toss them in the truck just to get them out of the way. Not only does this heavy-to-light process make it easier to load the truck or van, it also prevents a catastrophic accident involving your beloved chandelier and the couch you accidently put on top of its shipping case.

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