Clean Your Car Like A Pro
Answer me this: Which would you rather have on any given day: A clean house or a clean car?

For those of you who choose a clean house, I totally get it. I mean, there’s a reason why 95% of the blogs on our website are full of why clean houses are awesome. (And why we are here to help save your sanity any time you need it). Clean houses run more efficiently, are ready to handle any situation, and, in general, just smell better.

For all you car folks out there, you are not alone. I know this, because I am one of you. I know this with absolute certainty because I’m typing from my minivan at this very moment, admiring the recently vacuumed upholstery and sparkling windshield. The reason I’m typing from my car is less because I’m waiting for a child to hop in for soccer practice; it’s because it’s cleaner in here. I mean the whole reason I’m waiting out here in the garage is because “we” can’t find soccer cleats. Again.

(Okay, not the whole reason. It’s quieter in here, too).

Since houses that have people living inside of them can’t—and shouldn’t—remain clean indefinitely, I implore you to carve out a safe, clean place. And your vehicle is perfect for this. It’s small, easy to maintain, and has a radio that you can jam to while you are wiping down door jams and picking up your 38th half-crushed cheddar minnow.

Let your car be your sanctuary. Here’s how:

  • Use a stiff brush to loosen dirt and crumbs from seats and carpeted floor mats. Follow with a high-suction vacuum.
  • Leather seats will benefit from a leather conditioner made with aloe.
  • If your vehicle has a cabin air filter, remove it and blast it with a can of compressed air. While you have the can out, also hit all vents and ducts. This will help neutralize any stagnant or musty odors.
  • Never use an ammonia-based product, which can degrade vinyl upholstery as well as your instrument panel.
  • Make a point to remove trash and unnecessary items whenever you remove passengers. Teach said passengers to do this themselves, and your life (and car) will thank you.
  • Keep a small trashcan within easy reach (a plastic cereal container with a flip lid works great).
  • Get a cleaning routine in place. Make a monthly date of it. Crank the radio, get out the vacuum, and reclaim the interior. Then pile in the passengers, hit a fun exterior car wash, and cruise right on towards a happy place.

So which do you choose? A clean car or a clean home?

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