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Housekeeping 101: Cleaning Supplies and Cleaning
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January 2, 2018

We often get asked, “What are the best cleaning supplies to get my house clean?” You don’t need fancy gadgets or barrels of cleaning products to excel at housecleaning. And you don’t need the harsh chemicals found in many commercial household cleaners—natural ingredients can get the job done safely and effectively. What you do need is a cleaning strategy and field-tested supplies and products. Here’s our cleaning supplies list and advice on where to use each item in your home.

House Cleaning Supplies

While there are specific cleaning supplies and products for cleaning different rooms, here are some basic house cleaning supplies you can use all over the house.

MICROFIBER CLOTHS: A professional housecleaner’s best friend, these specially made nylon cloths grab and hold more dirt and germs than regular cotton cloths due to “hooks and loops,” and can be used wet or dry. Wash and reuse them repeatedly, but launder them separately and don’t use any fabric softener.

VACUUM: Do you live with pets? Allergies? Flights of stairs? Want fresh carpet and clean hardwood floors? No list of house cleaning supplies is complete without a vacuum. Check weight, maneuverability, filtering system, and accessories before you buy a vacuum to ensure it meets your requirements. Those equipped with HEPA filters like our commercial-grade vacuums remove up to 99 percent of pollutants, including dust and allergens, which is especially helpful for people with seasonal or animal allergies.

BROOM: A broom is one of those cleaning tools that will never go out of style. From tracked-in dirt to dust and crumbs, sweeping your hard floors regularly makes deeper cleaning easier, especially for hardwood floors.

DISINFECTANT WIPES: Disinfectant wipes make it easy to sanitize high-traffic areas like light switches and doorknobs. These are perfect for in-between kitchen and bathroom cleaning, including sinks and countertops. When cleaning your bathroom, remember not to cross-contaminate wipes between toilets and sinks.

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LEMON JUICE, VINEGAR: Not just for your summer salad! These mildly acidic liquids are an essential part of any cleaning supplies list. They’re natural cleaners that can sanitize, clean soap scum, remove stains, and get windows squeaky clean while saving you money and the environment.

SPRAY BOTTLES: Stock up on spray bottles and mix up some DIY cleaners with natural ingredients for environmentally safe cleaning sprays. Just be sure to label the bottle appropriately for safety.

A portable garment steamer is a safe, effective cleaning tool that degreases, breaks down buildup, and sanitizes surfaces. Don’t use steam to clean hardwood floors or any fabrics that are dry clean only. Here are just some of the things you can clean with a steamer:

  • WindowsA steamer can cut through buildup on windows and get rid of dirt and dust, leaving a sparkling shine.
  • Upholstery and FabricsSteam breaks down stains on fabric while it deodorizes and sanitizes.
  • Surfaces Throughout Your HomeSteam at temperatures greater than 212 F can blast away germs, bacteria, and dirt from kitchen counters, bathroom surfaces, and more.

Kitchen Cleaning Supplies

ALL-PURPOSE CLEANER: While they line store aisles with cleaning products for just about every room, appliance, or area in your home, a simple all-purpose cleaner is really all you need. These products handle a variety of needs, including cleaning tile floors, removing handprints from walls, or cleaning countertops.

DISHWASHING LIQUID: Mild soap isn’t just for plates and glasses. Use a soap/water mix to clean stovetops, refrigerators, tabletops, and more.

BAKING SODA: Baking soda is a natural and safe deodorizer, whitener, and cleaner with mild abrasives. A paste of baking soda and water makes scrubbing away stains, grime, and dirt much easier.

Bathroom Cleaning Supplies

TUB AND TILE CLEANER: Use at least once a week to remove mold, mildew, and grime. See our article on cleaning your ceramic tile shower for additional cleaning tips for this area. Use a mixture of one part dish detergent and three parts distilled white vinegar in a spray bottle for an effective and safe tub and tile cleaner.

RUBBER GLOVES: When house cleaning, be kind to your hands, especially when using hot water or harsh cleaning products. Use disposable or dish gloves, or go all out and add microfiber cleaning mittens to your cleaning supplies.

BRUSHES: An essential addition to your cleaning supplies! Whether kitchen cleaning or bathroom scrubbing, a few good brushes can transform a ho-hum cleaning job into a sparkling success. A toilet brush scrubs off stubborn stains. An old toothbrush releases mold and grime from tile, tight places, or grout. A larger scrub brush is perfect for removing soap scum and other hard-to-remove substances.

Storing Your Cleaning Supplies

Make your house cleaning sessions more convenient by stocking your cleaning gear in strategic places. Instead of cramming all your cleaning supplies into one space, set up separate cleaning totes for easy access. Set up a cleaning tote with your kitchen cleaning supplies and keep it under the sink. Keep your bathroom cleaning supplies in a similar tote under the vanity. You can also put a cleaning tote in a hall closet for cleaning in other rooms.

There you have it: cleaning supplies recommended by the pros. Now that you know what should be on your cleaning supplies list, learn more great housekeeping tips and tricks with our professional cleaning guides. Whether it’s through our professional cleaning guides or one of our popular cleaning services, The Maids wants your home to be a cleaner, healthier place. Get your free estimate today to learn more about affordable residential cleaning services.

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