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Home Office Organization Ideas for
a Clean and Healthy Workspace

September 21, 2020

home office organization ideas

An incredible 42 percent of Americans now work from home full-time. During the Coronavirus pandemic, the home office has become a staple in many households, and home office organization is a popular topic. Those used to commuting to a workplace every day are eager to learn how to organize a home office and be productive in their new work environment.

While there are several advantages to working from home—among them safety, flexibility, and a much shorter commute—there are drawbacks, too. From decreased socializing and increased household costs to more distractions and less external motivation, home office workers face unique challenges.

Fortunately, a little bit of know-how makes it easy to organize your office and create a healthy workspace. From fewer distractions to a more productive environment, read on to see why an organized home office is the key to getting your work done without stressing out.

The Benefits of Home Office Organization

A home office that’s clean and fresh can help you stay focused longer, be more productive, and even benefit your mental health. Remember, a cluttered home office means a cluttered mind, which can decrease motivation and productivity. Here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you take charge of your home office:

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Less Stress

When you get rid of clutter in your home office, you create a less distracting workspace. When your mind has to deal with all that clutter along with the work at hand, you get stressed. You may feel guilty for not cleaning up and organizing, or the clutter could just be an aggravating annoyance—either way, if you want to be more productive, the clutter has got to go.

Better Sleep

It’s easier to drift off to sleep when you’ve put in a good day’s work and your home office is still neat and clean. Get your home office clean and organized and keep it that way to end every workday on a good note. Also, make a habit of clearing your desk at the end of the day. You’ll sleep better and start the next workday with a clean slate.

A Healthier Work Environment

A clean home office with little clutter leaves fewer places for germs and bacteria to hide. Whether it’s the allergens and dust in your office carpet or the germs and viruses that can live on frequently touched surfaces, a clean home office is a healthy home office.

How to Organize Your Home Office

Organizing your home office means working with the space available, building in convenience, and minimizing distractions. Here’s how to organize an office with 10 field-tested ideas that make working from home productive and pleasant.

Create a Home Office Organization System

I know you’re chomping at the bit to clean and declutter, but you’re going to need a home office organization system to keep documents, office supplies, and other items close at hand. You’ll learn how to streamline your filing system later, but here are some home office organization ideas to help you keep things convenient and organized:

  • Use a file rack or magazine holder on your office desk to house papers for current projects.
  • Install wall pockets for pending tasks and frequently referenced documents.
  • Add shelving over your desk for pens and other office supplies.
  • Keep thumb drives, headphones, and other tech accessories in a front portion of one of your filing cabinet drawers.
  • Compartmentalize desk drawers using inserts or utensil holders.
  • Elevate your desk monitor to give you more storage beneath it.

Declutter and Clean Your Home Office

The best place to start decluttering is where you spend the most time—your desk. If your desk is buried beneath stacks of papers, discarded food wrappers, and old coffee cups, it’s time to get busy creating a more productive work environment.

Start by taking inventory of what’s on your desk. Go through every item and consider how often you use it. Daily? Weekly? Never? If you don’t use the item at least once a week, put it aside for now. Now move to your desk drawers and cabinets and do the same thing. Toss things you’ll never use, like old magazines, broken office equipment, and outdated documents. Move on to the items you keep and put them away using your home office organization system.

Now you can get your home office clean and healthy. With all that clutter gone and everything in its place, cleaning up and getting rid of germs is simple.

Streamline Your Filing

A filing cabinet is a great way to free up space and organize your home office. A locked, fireproof container is essential for your work-related and important personal documents, like tax returns, marriage certificates, medical bills, and car titles. To maximize vertical storage space, buy a four-drawer filing cabinet and put one of your favorite plants right on top.

Now it’s time to get all those folders and documents organized. Use hanging folders for essential categories like work, finances, and medical. You can subdivide those folders for even more detailed organization. Come up with a system that works best for your home office. It can be alphabetical, numerical, or color-coded. Label every file and get into the habit of filing documents and other papers away as soon as you’re done with them.

Use these home office organization ideas to turn your home office into a space that motivates you to work at your best. If you need help getting things cleaned up before you get to work organizing, why not let The Maids help? Get a free no-obligation estimate right on our website or give us a call and we can discuss your specific cleaning needs.

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