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Most of us know about Airbnb because we either know someone who has used the lodging service or we have used it ourselves. But far fewer of us know what it’s like on the other end of the stick, being an Airbnb host. There’s no doubt that this popular service can be lucrative for some hosts, but most people are just trying to make a little extra income on the side. How hard can it be, right?

You just clean up that spare bedroom, throw a new comforter on the bed, drop that ad on the Airbnb site and wait for the guests, and the money, to start rolling in. That seems like a quick and easy way to make a buck. Unfortunately, being an Airbnb host takes quite a bit more than that. Just ask anyone who’s hosted, and they’ll give you the real picture of what it’s like in the world of short-term rentals.

Most hosts who have been renting space to guests for any length of time can tell you that you have to really be on top of things if you want to keep those coveted high ratings from Airbnb. As an Airbnb host, you are more like a property manager than a host. That means you have to monitor your online presence, respond to questions, fix things that break, and handle everything from marketing to replacing worn out appliances.

Managing a rental unit can be time-consuming, labor intensive and exhausting, especially if you already work a full-time job. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Fortunately, The Maids® has the perfect solution for one of the most common complaints of Airbnb guests and one of the biggest hassles for many hosts.

This Isn’t the Ritz!

No, your Airbnb rental is probably nothing like a fancy room at the Ritz, but your guests may expect it to be! One of the major complaints from all AirBnB guests is that your place isn’t as clean as expected. The problem may not be that you aren’t a good enough cleaner and as a host, you may think that guests are unreasonable about their expectations. But let’s face it, most guests expect your place to be as clean or cleaner than a nice hotel.

The problem for hosts is that even though you may be providing a nice place for a bargain price, guests are always going to expect just as much, if not more, than conventional lodging options. And that isn’t fair. Fair or not though, your guest ratings on Airbnb can make or break your success as a host.

The company has very stringent rules when it comes to who they feature or promote and even who they allow as a host, all based on guest ratings. It’s tough to get those much-needed five-star ratings when your guests expect more than might seem reasonable. So what’s a poor host to do? You find professional cleaning services, that’s what!

The Maids® Provides the Solution

As a host, you may already be stretched a little thin taking care of the bookings, responding to questions and reviews, fixing things around your unit and trying to keep everything clean and presentable. Cleaning your place doesn’t mean just taking out the trash, mopping, sweeping, vacuuming and dusting. It means getting rid of the rust stains in the tub, cleaning windows, dusting inside cabinets, cleaning up cobwebs and much more.

Knowing the sometimes unreasonable expectations of your guests, they will likely comment on even the smallest missed detail. If you don’t have the time to clean like a pro or you just prefer not doing the dirty work, don’t let a poor rating ruin your dreams of AirBnB hosting. Read on to see why The Maids® is the right choice for your cleaning services.  

Who are The Maids®? The Maids® has been in business since 1979, so we know what clean really means. We are also the only residential cleaning service to specialize exclusively in cleaning for health by removing more dirt, germs and pollutants than conventional cleaning services.

Our healthy approach to cleaning revolves around The Maids® Healthy Touch® Deep Cleaning System. This exclusive process involves a 22-step plan of action for the most comprehensive cleaning available to create a healthier environment and a sparkling clean rental for your guests. Our teams are expertly trained, bonded and insured and include a supervisor who checks their work in each room of your rental unit.

Here’s a breakdown of just some of what you can expect when you hire The Maids® for your cleaning services:


We clean sinks, appliance exteriors, inside and outside of microwaves, range tops, counters, floors, cabinet doors and more. In other words, top to bottom!


We clean sinks and counters and change out towels. We also disinfect toilets, tubs and showers and clean the floors. Your guests will love the sparkling clean and the fresh smell.

Other Rooms

We pick up and straighten, dust and then damp-wipe to remove the dust and remove cobwebs. We use commercial-grade vacuums with HEPA filtration to vacuum furniture, stairs, carpets and even under the beds. The Maids® also takes out the trash, cleans ceiling fans and makes the beds.

We dust sills, ledges, wall hangings and the tops of door frames. And yes, we do windows. We also help prevent the spread of germs by disinfecting commonly touched places like switchplates, cabinet pulls, door handles, phones and remotes.

Let The Maids® Help You Get More 5-Star Ratings

What all this means to you as an Airbnb host is that your rental unit won’t just look and smell clean, it will actually be clean and healthier. If this is starting to sound like you may be able to meet your guests’ high expectations after all, then you’re starting to get the picture. Here are just some of the benefits you will experience when you hire The Maids® for your cleaning services:

  • Cleaner and healthier rental unit
  • More time to promote and manage your rental
  • More time for yourself
  • Happier guests
  • Better reviews and ratings
  • More bookings and more money!

When you invest in cleaning services for your Airbnb rental unit, even when you have to prepare for a new guest during the week, the time you spend cleaning up will be a fraction of what it used to be. That’s because with The Maids®, our cleaning process is thorough. That sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

There’s a reason that 96% of our customers recommend us to their family and friends. We take cleaning seriously and we are proud of what we do for our customers. We’re so confident that you are going to love what The Maids® can do for your Airbnb business, that we guarantee everything we do, every time. If you aren’t satisfied with any area we cleaned, call us within 24 hours and we will re-clean that area free of charge.

So give us a call or contact us online if you’re ready to get more bookings and have happier guests. All you have to lose is those low ratings!

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