Spring cleaning. Just saying the words gives some of us feelings of anticipation because we are finally able to get to all the places that have eluded us all winter, windows for example. For others, the words give a deep-seated feeling of dread, and we can understand why. Some spring cleaning lists suggest taking a couple of weeks (yes, weeks) to get through everything which includes hand-waxing your wood furniture and resealing grout lines.  

Here’s our take on the subject, spring cleaning is necessary. Unless you live in the most ideal climate ever – and we’re not sure that existed this past winter – you and your family have been cooped up with dust, mites, skin flakes and germs for months. You need to give your home the refresh it – and your respiratory health – is craving. But – and here’s the part the spring clean haters will like – you don’t have to tackle every chore on every list or even do them all yourself. Sound good? Read on. 

The Essentials 

Every spring cleaning list, this one included, has some essentials on it that everyone should do. This is stuff that just makes sense, makes you healthier or makes your life easier. 

  1. Clean out your closet. Take a hard look at your clothes and if you didn’t wear it all winter, get rid of it. The more you remove, donate or throw away, the less you’ll have to store until next year.  
  2. Clean out your kids’ rooms. Give your child a garbage bag and tell them it’s time to make some tough decisions. Seriously, today’s kids seem to collect toys with every meal, school holiday and birthday party, some of it needs to goConsider donating toys in good condition to thrift stores or women’s shelters. 
  3. Replace your furnace filter. Your HVAC unit’s filter has most likely caught all the dust and allergens it possibly can, so be sure to give it a fresh filter before summer. It’s not a bad idea to grab the vacuum extension for a quick onceover before adding the new filter. 
  4. Replace the baking soda in your fridge and closets. Easy peasy. You can pick up 10 new boxes for about $8. 
  5. Test and add fresh batteries to all your home safety devices. Replace the batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and check your fire extinguishers. Make this a habit every spring. 

Forget It 

There are some chores that you really don’t need to do either because they are unnecessary, or no one will ever know.  

  1. Washing the drapes. Unless your child uses your drapes as a hand towel (we’re not judging, we’ve been there) dusting with a vacuum extension is good enough. Plus, some drapes aren’t made for at-home laundering and could look worse after laundering. 
  2. Washing the walls. A little dusting in the corners is usually all that’s required. If you have large stains from (insert noun: kids, dog, husband) just go ahead and paint. You’ll save yourself a lot of hassle. 
  3. Shampooing the carpet. For most the country spring means rain. Don’t spend the time, vacuuming, moving furniture, shampooing the carpet, only to have mud and water tracked in the next day, possibly that afternoon. Save this job for summer. 
  4. The Easy Part 

Every other chore on a typical spring cleaning list, washing windows, dusting shelves, wiping down appliances and removing all traces of soap scum and grime, can be handled by us. Seriously, you really don’t have to lift a finger for a deep down, healthy clean. We actually have a spring cleaning service that will leave your home sparkling and dust free. Now that’s a breath of fresh air.  

Give us a call today for a free estimate to see just how easy, but still fulfilling, spring cleaning can be. 



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