Maybe it’s the relaxing sounds of the water flowing, or perhaps it’s the aesthetic beauty it adds to your garden; whatever it is, having a fountain creates a magical ambiance for any outdoor space. But, if you don’t take the time to maintain your fountain, it can soon become an eyesore with mineral deposits and algea, or even become clogged and stop working. Where’s the magic in that?

Don’t be intimidated, cleaning your fountain is a lot easier than you think.

Start by turning it off and clearing out all the water (use a Shop Vac, it’s easiest). This is a good time to take out the water pump and hoses, as well as all the stones and figureines for them to be cleaned separately. If you are able to disconnect your hoses easily, let them soak in a vinegar and water solution while you clean the rest of the fountain. Make sure you get the liquid inside of the hoses to remove the white scale build-up.

Your pump is the heart of your fountain and needs the most TLC. It’s best to remove your pump and clean it individually in the sink. First, take off the back panel of the pump so you can get inside to clean the propeller. An old toothbrush is an excellent tool for cleaning the little nooks and crannies, but it also helps to use the high pressure hose from your sink to clean out the hard to reach places. Put the cover back on the pump and it’s ready to go back in your fountain.

Go ahead and scrub down the inner bowl of your fountain with a non-abrasive sponge until you’ve gotten rid of all the algea and mineral deposits. For most fountains, you can use a mild cleaner or CLR (Calcium Lime Remover) if you need a little extra help gettin’ it clean. **DO NOT USE Copper Cleaners or CLR on copper fountains, they are too harsh and may cause the fountain to age faster…so, instead use furniture polish.

Put all the pieces back together and that’s all it takes! Now you’re ready to sit back, relax and enjoy the soothing sounds of your fountain once again.

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