He might be your son, your brother, your friend, or (heaven forbid) your roommate…but, he’s a bachelor and the last thing he cares about is cleaning the house. Sure, he was raised well, but he’s on his own now and has no one to answer to. When men are living the bachelor lifestyle they need the quickest, low maintenance cleaning routine, or more than likely, the house won’t ever get clean.

Here are three simple solutions to help men tackle the cleaning in their bachelor pads.

1. Vacuum Cleaning Robot
Men LOVE their gadgets! It only makes sense that they would have one that does a majority of the cleaning for them. Whether his bachelor pad has carpet or hardwood floors, a little vacuuming robot can take care of it so he never has to think about it again.

2. Disposable Cleaning Supplies
For bachelors, the process of cleaning can be a real turn off. There are all kinds of different chemicals, applicators, etc. What guy wants to keep track of all that stuff, let alone use it? Disposable supplies get the job done quick and easy, and then go in the trash when it’s all said and done. Bachelors can make use of disposable mops, sweepers, toilet brushes, dusting cloths and disinfectant wipes.

3. Plug-In Odor Eliminators
There’s a lot to be said for opening the window and letting everything air out, but most men don’t think about what their house might smell like to other people. Plug-Ins can keep every room smelling fresh with no maintenance at all! With fragrances like clean linen and fresh rain, they can find a smell that won’t make him feel like he’s living in an English garden.

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