Make a pet toy.

Take an old sock, fill it with rice and catnip, and seal the open end with a knot, hair tie, or a quick stitch. Your cat will get some exercise and you’ll get some entertainment. Win-win.

Clean small-necked bottles and vases.

They may defeat the deftest of brushes, but they are no match for rice. Take two tablespoons of rice and enough warm water to fill the vase about ¾ full. Do something fun for 10 minutes (like read our other blog posts) and then give the vase several good shakes (with your hand over the opening, of course). Dump, rinse, and marvel.

Renew your grinders.

If your coffee or spice grinder has seen shinier days, run a batch of rice through it. The rice will absorb most of the build-up, particularly in those hard to reach areas. Instant rice seems to work particularly well with this.

Fix your phone.

If your handheld technology meets a watery foe (the toilet? Again?), remove the battery if possible and bury the phone in rice for at least 24 hours. Important: To give survival a decent chance, avoid turning it on until you’ve given it at least 24 hours to dry itself out. A few grains of rice will keep the salt in your shaker clump-free.

Give yourself a facial with rice water.

After rinsing the rice once to remove dirt, rinse the rice again, reserving the water in a separate bowl. Scoop up the water and splash it carefully on your face five or six times, and then rinse your face thoroughly with cold water. Pat dry and enjoy fresher, smoother skin.

Quickly ripen fruit.

When unripe avocados are dashing your dreams of guacamole, throw them in a container of rice to speed up their ripening timeline. And there’s no need to throw the rice out when you’re done.

Make the ultimate heating pad.

Make a sealed pouch filled with rice and heat it in the microwave. Whether you sew your own satchel or use one of your mismatched socks, make sure its made with natural fabrics like wool or cotton. Rice will hold heat for up to an hour and will easily conform to the shape needed.

Create children’s sensory activities.

Rice makes an excellent learning medium for kids, whether by in homemade maracas, sensory tables, or impromptu art projects (think glue and glitter, only biodegradable).

Eat it.

(We just want to be thorough).

Any other uses to add to the list? Let us know in the comments!

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