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Cleaning Memes That Prove
You Aren’t Alone

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July 1, 2015

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To bring a bit of humor to the woes of housekeeping, we thought you might enjoy a cleaning meme or two. Cleaning memes can make you smile and make housework seem less of a burden! A lighthearted cleaning meme could be the best medicine in a world sick of dirt, dust, and germs. Whether it’s a cleanliness meme (or lack of it!) or a sarcastic cleaner meme, these quirky quips are sure to brighten your day.

If cleaning is your kind of therapy, consider yourself lucky—a clutter-free home helps create a clutter-free mind. For the rest of us, the mere thought of another cleaning marathon is enough to ruin even the best moods. There’s nothing funny about a cluttered and dirty home—or is there? Sometimes, we need a little (entertaining) perspective.

You don’t have to love cleaning like The Maids® does, but you can learn to take it less seriously with these cleaning memes.

cleaning memes cleaning memes cleaning memes cleaning memes cleaning memes cleaning memes cleaning memes

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