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Recurring Cleaning

The Maids in Murrieta also offers recurring cleaning services for customers who want to “set it and forget it.” We’ll take care of the dust and dirt, making sure you always open the door to a fresh house after a long day.

One-Time Cleaning

If you don’t need a regular cleaning, there’s no pressure to book one! Simply call us whenever you need help and we’ll arrange for your one-time cleaning service.

Spring or Fall Cleaning

It’s that time of year already. The Maids in Murrieta's spring cleaning services will get your home in tip-top shape. We also provide fall cleaning and monthly services as well, so your abode feels fresh all year long.

Same Day Cleaning

When you need help with last minute cleaning, let us show you how it’s done. The Maids in Murrieta will vacuum the floors, disinfect the kitchen counters, and even clean the toilet seat hinges. There’s no dirt we can’t handle!

Move-In / Move-Out Cleaning

At The Maids in Murrieta, we know that cleaning before moving in or moving out can be a big task, which is why we are more than ready to give your place a good scrub. All those years of built-up dust and grime will be gone so you can start fresh.

Additional Services

When you need help with some extra things around the house, turn to us to get to all the little details. With our custom housekeeping, The Maids in Murrieta can help clean those areas you just can’t seem to get to.

House Cleaning Services in Temecula, CA

Old Town, the Temecula Valley Wine Country, plenty of golf courses and tons of restaurants mean that if you live in Temecula, you should never run out of things to do or see. But how do you find the time to enjoy all the activities and arts and culture that this beautiful Southern California city has to offer? Work, family and housekeeping take up a lot of your time and too often, there’s not much time left for fun. Have you ever considered hiring a maid service in Temecula? If you haven’t, maybe you should think about it.

If your weekend plans don’t include some fun at the Pechanga Casino or a day trip to Harveston Lake Park, then let us help show you what you are missing. Maybe you just need some help finding some free time. We can help with that. Imagine if your home was fresh and clean without you ever lifting a finger thanks to The Maids® and our house cleaning services. We can help you enjoy your life more with a quick call to 951-304-6243 for your free quote.

The Maids® of Temecula Referred for a Reason®

Why would you choose The Maids® with so many choices for cleaning services in Temecula? Because we are the only residential cleaning service to specialize exclusively in cleaning for health by removing more dirt and pollutants than conventional cleaning. Our teams of professionally trained cleaners are dedicated to making your home clean and healthy. You are proud of your home, and we know you wouldn’t trust just any cleaning company with your home and family. That’s why we have plenty of reasons why The Maids® is the best choice for you.

Our Healthy Touch® Deep Cleaning System is a 22-step process designed to create the healthiest environment for you and your family. From damp-wiping surfaces to remove dirt and dust to our environmentally preferred vacuums with HEPA filtration, we make your home healthier with every visit. The Maids® even disinfects places that harbor germs, like light switches, door handles and cabinet pulls.

But don’t think that because we focus on health that we don’t know how to get things thoroughly clean. The Maids® provides the only cleaning services certified by the legend in cleaning, Mr. Clean®. Trusted for over 50 years, Mr. Clean® is our exclusive partner for house cleaning in Temecula. Our dedicated team of cleaning professionals and the added muscle of Mr. Clean® combine for unmatched cleaning power to get rid of the dirt and grime in your home. We couldn’t have asked for a better addition to our approved list of cleaning products.

Temecula Cleaning Service Near Me

From our one-time cleaning to our other popular services, if you live in Murrieta, Canyon Lake, Sun City or the surrounding area, we guarantee you’re going to love what The Maids® can do for your home. If you’re not pleased with any area we’ve cleaned, call us within 24 hours and we’ll re-clean it. That means no risk, no hassle, and a cleaner, healthier home for you and your loved ones.

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5 Star Testimonial RatingTestimonial Rating

Cindy P

You are thorough and quick.   Read More
5 Star Testimonial RatingTestimonial Rating

Cindy P

You are thorough and quick.   Read More
5 Star Testimonial RatingTestimonial Rating

Happy Client

they were nice and professional   Read More
5 Star Testimonial RatingTestimonial Rating

Happy Client

The girls always do a awesome job & very professional.   Read More
5 Star Testimonial RatingTestimonial Rating

Happy Client

Excellent service...very happy with team YELLOW; Thank you so much!!!   Read More
5 Star Testimonial RatingTestimonial Rating

Happy Client

They dont miss anything, love Team Green.   Read More
5 Star Testimonial RatingTestimonial Rating

Christopher C

Efficient, fast and friendly service   Read More
5 Star Testimonial RatingTestimonial Rating

Dean J

We started the using The Maids when my wife was sick and are so happy with their service that...   Read More
5 Star Testimonial RatingTestimonial Rating

Happy Client

Consistent, quality cleaning each time they come.   Read More
5 Star Testimonial RatingTestimonial Rating

Nancy H

Diane and the team was detailed and interested in doing a great job! Asked when she had a question...   Read More
5 Star Testimonial RatingTestimonial Rating

Lisa M

We went over everything before they started. They cleaned everything I asked them too. And...   Read More
5 Star Testimonial RatingTestimonial Rating

Happy Client

The house just shined! We had family coming into town and the house looked wonderful for them....   Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting your home clean is easier than you think.

One-Time Cleaning: Find out what cleaning for health is all about with our one-time deep cleaning service. The Maids delivers a clean and healthier home every time in neighborhoods all across the Murrieta area. 


Special Cleaning Services: Many of our locations offer specialty services for those challenging cleaning projects you'd rather not do. Call 951-304-6243 for window cleaning and ask about other special house cleaning services offered in Murrieta.


Recurring Cleaning: Let The Maids help you enjoy some free time with our regularly scheduled cleaning services. Whether you choose weekly, bi-weekly or monthly housekeeping, your family can enjoy a cleaner home more often.


Spring and Fall Cleaning: We’ll get rid of the built-up dust and dirt throughout the house and those out-of-the-way places. From floors to ceilings, we get the job done right from season to season. 


Moving Cleaning Services: Wouldn't you rather just skip the scrubbing and cleaning and get on with your move? The Maids can make that happen because we're ready to take on the dirty work at your old home and your new one.

Whether you live in San Jacinto, Winchester, Pendleton or the surrounding area, we've got you covered. Call 951-304-6243 to find out more about house cleaning in Temecula and the areas we serve.  

Don't spend another day off catching up on your housekeeping. Call The Maids at 951-304-6243 to see if same day house cleaning in Lake Elsinore is available in your neighborhood.

The average house cleaning cost in Murrieta depends on the cleaning services you select and other factors. Tell us about the size of your home, its condition and other factors and get your free estimate today.

The Maids in Temecula care about your family's health and choose environmentally preferred cleaning products whenever possible. We choose healthy cleaning tools like commercial-grade vacuums with HEPA filtration that can capture up to 99% of airborne pollutants, dust and other allergens. Our safe-cleaning approach and our partner in grime, Mr. Clean, team up for a deep, healthy clean. 

Our three- or four-person cleaning teams use our 22-Step Cleaning Process to clean about 1,000 square feet per hour, whether it's an apartment or a large home. The time it takes to clean a home in Lake Elsinore varies depending on the home size, overall condition and the services you need. 

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee means you have plenty to gain and nothing to lose. If you aren’t happy with any area we’ve cleaned, call us within 24 hours and one of our teams will re-clean that area at no charge.

Temecula News

Nancy Wang recently purchased The Maids of Murrieta, a residential cleaning franchise that specializes in cleaning for health.... MORE >

Housekeeping Jobs

Are you looking for a fun team environment with room for advancement? The Maids may be the career choice for you! Search a variety of open house cleaning jobs or administrative positions in your area, such as maid, field or sales manager, or team leader.

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