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In Las Vegas, NV just about everything can be decided by the roll of the dice—but why risk your clean, healthy household with some Las Vegas cleaning service you`ve never heard of? Now`s the time to stop gambling with your family`s health and to start enjoying a spotless home. Call in the experts to help you straighten up your house, as well as give you back all that time you`ve been spending trying to keep ahead of encroaching dirt and dust.

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The Maids of Las Vegas

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Our Happy Clients

melissa w

I was here when they came and they were very nice and friendly and my place looks amazing!! My expectations were far exceeded!

Kathy C

The girls were very friendly and did everything that I needed to get done. They even brought in my mail for me.


I love the fact that they come in--and are finished very effeciently in just one hour. It makes my life so much easier!

Happy Client

The pink team always does a great job when cleaning the areas I request. I like the consistancy of having the same team every two weeks and they seem to know our house and what we like. This is the only maid company I have hired that actually do the job correctly everytime!!

Happy Client

An excellent and thorough job was done. I am most pleased!


Professional appearance, excellent workers, attention to detail, eager to please, efficient workers, clean quickly and thoroughly. Red team


They do a very good job

Happy Client

The Maids performed a service that was far better than I had expected! In addition to that, they seemed so cheerful while working and the price was affordable.


Since I am undergoing a master bedroom renovation, the Team was not able to clean my master. Rather than shortening their stay, the washed some of my hardwood floors downstairs. Thank you for taking the initiative since my floors have all suffered from the dust of the renovation. Many thanks!


Once again Team 2 provided outstanding service. They are an exceptional group of women who work hard to meet and often exceed their customer's expectations. They continue to be the reason I choose The Maids and it is my fervent hope that management acknowledges and rewards their efforts and commitment to their customers.


"I would recommend friends or family to ask for Diana as your Team Leader. She has taken such good care of us and our home since we started using your service. It takes time to build trust with a new team, but now I have 100% trust and confidence that if Diana is the Team Lead I can actually leave the house or not be here if something urgent comes up. Diana's leadership skills exceed my expectations and I am retired Navy. My wife and I are extremely satisfied with her team's quality of work. "

Donald C

Fast, on time arrival and departure, extremely thorough!

Residential Cleaning

Recurring Cleaning Services

Occasional Cleaning Services

Spring or Fall Cleaning

Same Day Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning Maintenance

Window Cleaning

Move-In / Move-Out Cleaning

Additional Services

No matter what cleaning project you’re facing, The Maids can take it on.
Check out our complete list of Las Vegas house cleaning services below

Residential Cleaning

We have over 30 years of experience in the cleaning business and love what we do. Our Las Vegas house cleaning services includes everything from disinfecting toilets and hand scrubbing floors. Our 22-Step Healthy Touch® Deep Cleaning System will get your home into spic-and-span shape, with a 100% guarantee.

Recurring Cleaning Services

Spend your free time with your family and leave the cleaning to us. Book a recurring cleaning service in Las Vegas to put your brooms and mops away and save yourself some work, while still maintaining a fresh home.

Occasional Cleaning Services

You don’t have to commit to cleaning! We offer occasional cleaning services in Las Vegas that can be booked whenever you see that layer of dust build up. We’ll come when you call us, no committment needed.

Move-in / Move-Out Cleaning

Moving soon? The Maids can give your home a spic-and-span clean before moving out. Years of dust and grime can be hard to tackle, but we’re more than ready to show dust bunnies who’s boss. We can also do a thorough clean when you’re moving in to remove any dirt or allergens from the previous tenant.

Same Day Services

Need your home cleaned ASAP? Whether you’re about to host a party or overnight guests, we know how important last-minute cleaning can be. We’ll have your Las Vegas home fresh in no time with our same-day cleaning services.

Spring or Fall Cleaning

A seasonal clean is a beautiful thing, and The Maids is more than ready to get your home in tip-top shape. Our fall and spring cleaning services incorporate our 22-Step Healthy Touch® Deep Cleaning System, which gets into every nook and cranny of your home. We’ll scrub the floors, disinfect the doorknobs, clean the toilet seat hinges, and more.

Additional Cleaning Services

Need help around the house for specific problems? We offer custom cleaning services in Las Vegas that include many specific cleaning options.

Whether you’re looking for a monthly helping hand or a seasonal deep clean, count on The Maids to get it done right. Call 1-800-THE-MAIDS to schedule your appointment today, and you'll see why The Maids is Las Vegas's best house cleaning service!

How Can We Help You?

There`s more than just elbow grease involved in making your home sparkle. When the professional residential teams from The Maids reach your home, they deploy our 22-Step Healthy Touch® Deep Cleaning System. This precise methodology ensures we hit every problem area of your home, including those you might not typically consider when planning out your cleaning efforts. We`ll hand-scrub your kitchen floor, shine toilets, disinfect doorknobs and light switch plates, wipe down cabinet doors, and change the linens on your bed.

Unlike other cleaning services in Las Vegas, being tough on dirt doesn`t mean we`re tough on the planet. The teams from The Maids use environmentally preferred products to ensure your home is spic and span without doing a number on the beautiful Nevada landscape. To this end, we`ll even make your abode a healthier place for you by vacuuming with our HEPA filter-equipped back pack vacuums. These vacuums can eliminate up to 99 percent of pollen, dust, dander, and other allergens that can work their way into carpets and upholstery, leaving you with a house you can breathe deeper in.

Bet on The Maids for a Clean Home

How much time do you spend trying to keep your household in order? How much time would you have to yourself if you didn`t need to follow in your kids` wake, picking up their belongings, or stand at the sink for hours scrubbing dishes?

Contact The Maids to let us handle the dirty work while you focus on the important things in life. Go for a hike in Red Rock Canyon, or spend date night with your husband at one of the shows on The Strip. Need a more specialized service? The teams from The Maids can help you out with a myriad of cleaning projects, so call your local branch to find out how we can best assist you—whether you`re inquiring about window cleaning in Las Vegas or want some help redoing your kitchen.

Call Us Today

The Maids hasn`t stayed in business for more than 30 years for nothing—we bring decades of experience to every job, and always leave your home shining. Just check out our 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee: If you`re not happy with how your home looks, call us within 24 hours and we`ll re-clean it, free of charge.

Ready to get started? Call us at 1-800-THE-MAIDS today to tell us what you need from a Las Vegas cleaning service and receive a free quote!

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