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For a deep-down clean, it takes a team


Each team member is trained in our proprietary 22-step home cleaning system. Knowledgeable maids = a cleaner home.


Every team member has a specific area of expertise, allowing for a thorough yet efficient home cleaning service.


Chances are we're cleaning for your neighbors. Being local means we're more accountable to you.

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Our Happy Clients

Beth G

The team shows up reliably.

Anna B

Everyone was friendly and hard working. They got right to work, did an excellent job and finished quicker than I thought possible. Thanks so much!

L w

I found the service very good and request the same team for future work (team #10)

Darlene D

The employees who came were very friendly and professional. They took time to let our dog get to know them a little so he would stop barking. They explained what they were going to do and afterward gave us a walk through. They worked the entire time---no dilly dallying. Everything sparkles! My husband was going to find a few spots they missed, but he couldn't! This was my Christmas gift from my sister in Virginia. I hope she gets my name again. This was an excellent experience.

Donna E

This was our first time using this service. Our hone had gotten quite behind in the 3 years of my disability; and I could not ask friends to come help any more, so it could never quite all get done. I only wanted certain rooms worked on, and the process was easy and less expensive than I would have guessed. I had told the first interview not spend too much time on the stove, as it is being replaced and quite, QUITE greasy; yet they did it and I can't believe it is the same stove!Those girls worked hard and were very friendly. I will definitely be using this service again.


Consistent team knows my house and provide consistent service

Tammy J

I love the phone call the day or two before to give a time when the crew is arriving! And I can't say enough how awesome it is to come home to a clean house cleaned better than I could do myself!!!! :)

Scott S

Completeness of service and attention to detail

Christopher M

Very thorough. The apartment was left in a very clean state including cupboards, closets, window sills, kitchen stove and refrigerator, and both bathrooms. It looked new. Also the team is very prompt, and they work very efficiently.


The team always shows up on time, and does a great job!

Wayne W

Ladies do a great job.


Great team, great clean!

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