5 Things You Are Already Doing Wrong This School Year

By: The Maids Team | August 28, 2014 9:23 pm

Back-To-School fun
Shhhh… did you hear that? That was the collective sigh of relief from parents all over the country. School is back in session. Thank goodness.

As life settles into the new normal, it’s important to get a grip on as much as you can as the school year picks up speed. Here are few common mistakes you can prevent right off the bat.

  1. Forgetting to get the bus driver’s name. This person is the first face your child sees on the way to school and the first face she sees on the way home. Making a personal connection with your child’s bus driver not only shows your child that you care about the people in her life, it also shows her the importance of remembering faces and respecting the jobs people do.
  2. Making the same lunch every day. I know–when it works, it works. But it doesn’t work nutrition-wise, and it doesn’t teach you or your child the art of being flexible and the fun of trying new things. In the coming weeks, keep a few things the same, but introduce a new fruit or vegetable or dip into the mix. If your child is hungry enough, he just might try it. And love it.
  3. Making time tomorrow. Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today when you are thinking about it. Tomorrow is promised to no one, especially if the alarm clock doesn’t go off, the bus comes early, her favorite shirt is still in the washer, and his only pair of shoes is the dog’s new chew toy.
  4. Plugging in. Whether you are keeping the house or holding a job, when the kids come home from school, do them and yourself a favor and enforce a portion of the evening where technology takes a back seat. Dinnertime is the perfect time for this. Or anytime, really, when it’s time to come together and talk. To each other’s faces.
  5. Waiting for routine to set in. Routines aren’t born; they are made. Once the dust of the first week settles, re-evaluate how things stand. Is everyone waking up early enough? Have you gotten places on time? Has anything gotten lost in the shuffle? This will be a constant process throughout the year as schedules, sports, and seasons change, so it’s a good idea to check in every couple of weeks to make sure your home is running as efficiently as it can.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on things you wish you had done during the first month of school. Share in the comments and you could be mentioned in next month’s blog!

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