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After a long week, we know that the last thing you want to do is clean the house. So don’t! When you live in a place like Alpharetta, there’s always some event to attend, or a café rolling out fresh pastries or a neighbor’s BBQ party calling your name. Instead of skipping the fun of your town just to vacuum and scrub, leave all that pesky work to The Maids. With nearly 40 years of experience under our belts, our Alpharetta maid services are better than anyone else in the business.

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19 Alpharetta House Cleaning Reviews

Alpharetta Maid Service rating: 4.95 out of 5

Kay S

They are very quick and do a very good job.

Rebecca G

Good afternoon. The team usually comes does a great job. I don't know if the team who came today is the same team or different from previous cleanings. Today maybe they were tired or just wanted to wrap up the day. There were several items that did not get done well. 1. The kitchen counters were wiped but not cleaned. Granite can sometimes be hard to see but all of the areas had some sticky and or had hard food/spills still on them. The stove grates still had visible food on them and the stove had white streaks from the cleaner. The kitchen sink had a white film all over it. I had to scrub and rinse for a nice finish. The floors in kitchen next to fridge still had black streaks that our suitcases left last week. 2. The master bath shower had circular grey and dark grey smudges on the floor. The mirror in master bath had smudge streaks over both sinks on top and bottom. Normally I wouldn't mention a couple of things that got looked over - but today it seems that the team was in a hurry. Thanks and hope you have a great day.

Happy Client

The ladies that cleaned my home have a great attention to detail. It's been 8 months since they last cleaned my home, but they remembered every detail! They work very well as a team, and I'm hoping to get started on a monthly cleaning schedule soon!

Carol H

Service is reliable and teams are well trained to be efficient and thorough.

Happy Client

I stopped by to take the dog for a walk and they are always attentive and working hard. They are very good with making sure our dog does not get out and stays calm. Cleaning is always nicely done! Thanks.

Amy S

Very friendly team and efficient. love the clean.

Happy Client

"I love that the maids work as a team. Fast, thorough, and in-and-out."

Happy Client

You have a hard-working and friendly staff, who do great work and leave my home looking clean and great.

Happy Client

Professionally done and fast, like the team members

Happy Client

The maids always do a thorough job and I am always pleased. I am usually not at home, but this last time I was home and it was nice to put names with faces. Jackie, Deleano, Marion, and Chiquita were very personable. Thanks. Marcia Laird

Lisa Pruitt

The ladies are professional. They are always on time. Their ability to clean my house into a spotless, pristine home is amazing! They are courteous, literate, extremely thorough, and they are personable as well. It is truly amazing how they can come in and in a few short hours transform my messy house into a beautiful, immaculate, sparkling home!

Grace P

The Team that cleaned for us is awesome! Tenezia, Stephanie, Susana and Breana did a wonderful job. Very pleased with their service - highly recommend

Residential Cleaning

Recurring Cleaning Services

Occasional Cleaning Services

Spring or Fall Cleaning

Same Day Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning Maintenance

Window Cleaning

Move-In / Move-Out Cleaning

Additional Services

No matter what cleaning project you’re facing, The Maids can take it on.
Check out our complete list of Alpharetta house cleaning services below

Residential Cleaning

We have over 30 years of experience in the cleaning business and love what we do. Our Alpharetta house cleaning services includes everything from disinfecting toilets and hand scrubbing floors. Our 22-Step Healthy Touch® Deep Cleaning System will get your home into spic-and-span shape, with a 100% guarantee.

Recurring Cleaning Services

Spend your free time with your family and leave the cleaning to us. Book a recurring cleaning service in Alpharetta to put your brooms and mops away and save yourself some work, while still maintaining a fresh home.

Occasional Cleaning Services

You don’t have to commit to cleaning! We offer occasional cleaning services in Alpharetta that can be booked whenever you see that layer of dust build up. We’ll come when you call us, no committment needed.

Move-in / Move-Out Cleaning

Moving soon? The Maids can give your home a spic-and-span clean before moving out. Years of dust and grime can be hard to tackle, but we’re more than ready to show dust bunnies who’s boss. We can also do a thorough clean when you’re moving in to remove any dirt or allergens from the previous tenant.

Same Day Services

Need your home cleaned ASAP? Whether you’re about to host a party or overnight guests, we know how important last-minute cleaning can be. We’ll have your Alpharetta home fresh in no time with our same-day cleaning services.

Spring or Fall Cleaning

A seasonal clean is a beautiful thing, and The Maids is more than ready to get your home in tip-top shape. Our fall and spring cleaning services incorporate our 22-Step Healthy Touch® Deep Cleaning System, which gets into every nook and cranny of your home. We’ll scrub the floors, disinfect the doorknobs, clean the toilet seat hinges, and more.

Additional Cleaning Services

Need help around the house for specific problems? We offer custom cleaning services in Alpharetta that include many specific cleaning options.

Whether you’re looking for a monthly helping hand or a seasonal deep clean, count on The Maids to get it done right. Call 1-800-843-6243 to schedule your appointment today, and you'll see why The Maids is Alpharetta's best house cleaning service!

Why Choose Alpharetta House Cleaning from The Maids?

We’re the only cleaning company in the industry that uses the 22 - Step Healthy Touch® Deep Cleaning System to get your Alpharetta house in tip - top shape.What does that mean, exactly ? It means we tackle a wide range of tasks, including:

  • Hand washing kitchen and bathroom hard floors
  • Loading the dishwasher
  • Dusting the window sills
  • Removing the cobwebs
  • Scrubbing the toilets
  • Disinfecting doorknobs
  • Vacuuming the stairs and under the beds
  • Emptying the trash

You can expect nothing but a perfect shine every time we arrive at your door.

Reclaim Your Weekends with The Maids

Why should you book The Maids ? To put it simply: We give you your time back. Instead of spending your weekends cleaning, we know you’d rather be at the local park with your kids, exploring a new museum exhibit or going to lunch with your spouse. Our house cleaning services in Alpharetta allows you to experience your town to the fullest by taking care of those time - consuming chores for you.Reclaim your city.Book The Maids and get back out in the neighborhood.

Call for a Free Price Quote

Stop giving up your weekends to clean the house. Give yourself a break. Make it to your neighbor’s party, attend the latest show and go meet your friends for brunch. You can count on The Maids to give your home a tip - top shine that will leave you breathless. Call us at 1 - 800 - THE - MAIDS for a free price quote today!

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