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For a deep-down clean, it takes a team


Each team member is trained in our proprietary 22-step home cleaning system. Knowledgeable maids = a cleaner home.


Every team member has a specific area of expertise, allowing for a thorough yet efficient home cleaning service.


Chances are we're cleaning for your neighbors. Being local means we're more accountable to you.

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Our Happy Clients

Sandy Barretto

They do a fine job,and are always pleasant


dedicated pink team


reliable, on time, pleasant, trust-worthy


The team is always very pleasant, and they seem to enjoy their work. They do a very good job, I would recommend them to my friends.

Meghan D

I thought my team did a great job. They were thorough but quick, very nice, and I was pleasantly surprised with the price. I really appreciate that someone walked me through an estimate before hand so I knew what to expect. I have a rug that is difficult to vacuum and stubbornly holds dirt--I was especially pleased with how they tidied up that!


Consistent. The ladies are friendly and happy.

Patricia Trunnell

I've used other services before and been disappointed when after the first few cleanings the quality and comprehensive of the cleanings fell. The Maids are consistent and thorough, and they always make sure my special needs are always met. Thanks ladies!!

Joanne J


John A

Team 4 ROCKS!!! We were in a hurry to catch a plane Friday morning, so forgot to leave out the hardwood floor cleaning supplies, pick up towels, etc. Syuapa knew what we wanted and found the cleaning supplies AND put away the towels!! Kudos to team 4 for a job well done. Best team in Alexandria!! Thank you.


They did a great job cleaning the house. It was better than I expected.

Jeannette C

The Maids team always does an excellent job on my home. They are always dependable, prompt, and thorough. I love coming home to a clean and fresh looking house after working all day. I feel comfortable having them in my house when I am not here.

Joseph Pisano

So glad to get our regular crew back this week. We love our regular women and have not had them the past two or three times. Happily they were back this week. They are awesome!!!!! Team 8!!!!

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