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For a deep-down clean, it takes a team


Each team member is trained in our proprietary 22-step home cleaning system. Knowledgeable maids = a cleaner home.


Every team member has a specific area of expertise, allowing for a thorough yet efficient home cleaning service.


Chances are we're cleaning for your neighbors. Being local means we're more accountable to you.

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Occasional Cleaning Services

Spring or Fall Cleaning

Same Day Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning Maintenance

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Our Happy Clients

Happy Client

I'm very pleased with Erika and the Pink team.

Kathy G

It's so nice to have cleaning service

John F

Always on time, job well done, and I appreciate the reminders -- very helpful. Most important is the trust since the team is working without supervision. Gracias Isabel, Tere, Maria

Happy Client

The team was thorough and professional and efficient! They were also courteous and gracious and helpful to me, explaining as they went. And they were cheerful--seemed to really enjoy their work. I am so grateful to Team Orange for an extraordinary job. I've contracted to have them come every month.

Happy Client

they did a super good job. more than i expected. and they were nice!

Happy Client

They came in and did an excellent cleaning job.

Mary H

The Maids are thorough and consistent. They bring a team who clean our home quickly and efficiently.

Happy Client

Great professional cleaning. I'm very pleased with the service.

Janet R

I like having the same people come to my house every time. That way they know what I like and where things are. The Red Team does a great job for me.

Happy Client

They are well equipped and organized. Work well together. Agreeable to any request and aim to please. Trustworthy.

Paty S

I love our team! Lillian and her crew are great. Always friendly. Keep learning English!


reliable and friendly

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