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June 20, 2024

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While it’s close, it’s not always summer in San Diego. Our summers are warm with blue skies, and our winters get down to a chilly and cloudy 50°F. Even with our year-round mild climate, enough seasonal differences make routine cleaning a must. We get it—seasonal San Diego home cleaning sounds like a lot of work. However, we only have two seasons, either warm and dry or cool and damp. No matter the season, our San Diego home cleaning guide makes house cleaning seem like a walk in Balboa Park!

Why Use a San Diego Home Cleaning Guide?

If you live near Mission Beach, May and June can be damp and dreary. During those same months, homes only a few miles inland enjoy plentiful sunshine. These microclimates and San Diego’s lack of a true summer and winter pose unique cleaning challenges. The warm, dry season typically lasts from July to October, creating plenty of dust and pollen. The longer, cooler season is cloudy, windy, and wet—ideal conditions for staying inside with the dirt and germs.

Whether we’re tackling pollen allergies in September or spring cleaning in June, 

San Diego home cleaning is a year-round necessity. If you use a cleaning checklist to keep dirt and dust under control regularly, you’re already ahead of the game. But even the most detailed house cleaning routine can leave dirt and germs behind. When you have specific home cleaning tips for San Diego, you can enjoy a clean and healthy place more often. 

San Diego Home Cleaning: Tools of The Trade

The Maids® is one of the only residential cleaning services to clean for health. That healthy cleaning focus is why we remove dirt, dust, and germs—and so should you.

San Diego house cleaning means more than a clean you can see and smell. Your home isn’t truly clean unless bacteria and viruses are eliminated, along with dust and dirt. We’ll start with disinfectants and work through your must-have cleaning tools.

EPA-Approved Disinfectant

Frequently touched surfaces such as light switches, doorknobs, drawer pulls, and remotes harbor thousands of germs. Every time you clean your home, you’ll want to disinfect these areas with a disinfectant spray or wipes. Laptops, tablets, and phones are other items covered in germs that should be disinfected frequently. Regardless of the disinfectant, you’ll need to let it sit for at least 10 minutes for optimal performance.

Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser

Magic Erasers may be the most versatile cleaning tool on our list. Wet or dry, these modern marvels break down dirt and grime like, well, magic! Melamine sponges remove baked-on grime and grease in the kitchen. They clean mold, tile, and grout and polish fixtures in the bathroom. In the living room and dining room, Magic Erasers remove stains from fabric and scuffs and marks from walls and baseboards. Outdoors, the cleaning superstar can tackle dingy headlights, outdoor furniture, and more. The list of what Magic Erasers can’t clean is likely shorter than this one! 

Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber technology is a cleaning breakthrough that should be on every San Diego house cleaning supply list. Microfiber fabric cleans better than conventional cotton or synthetic fabrics without using harsh chemicals. The unique design of the microfiber weave provides superior cleaning, whether wet or dry. A dry microfiber cloth is a magnet for dirt and dust. It captures pollutants to remove them from surfaces and the air. A wet microfiber cloth safely and effectively cleans hard surfaces, upholstery, and much more. 

All-Purpose Cleaner

An all-purpose cleaner doesn’t have to be full of harsh chemicals and toxins. You can make a safe, eco-friendly cleaner using natural ingredients like vinegar and lemon juice. Our guide to green cleaning supplies has the full recipe and other green cleaning recipes. Your DIY all-purpose cleaner will be less expensive and safer and can tackle everything from carpet stains to greasy buildup. You’ll find that your DIY all-purpose cleaner is safe and inexpensive and can tackle everything from carpet stains to greasy buildup. 

Nylon Broom

There are many modern tools for keeping hard surface floors clean, from self-cleaning mops to remote control robots. Yet, finding a cleaning tool that outperforms a good broom used with proper technique is still hard. Sweeping floors daily is one of the best ways to minimize dust spreading throughout your home. Plus, a broom is handy for removing cobwebs, getting beneath furniture, and beating rugs (outdoors, please!) Daily sweeping of your kitchen floor removes the food debris that can attract household pests

Microfiber Mop

Call us old-fashioned, but a conventional mop and bucket is still our go-to for heavy-duty floor cleaning. Our favorite for regular cleaning is a microfiber flat mop. You already know the cleaning power of microfiber technology for cleaning and dusting. Those same properties make microfiber ideal for hard surface floors. Use your microfiber mop dry to capture dirt, dust, hair, and small debris. Use the mop wet to remove stains and buildup for a sparkling clean shine. Ensure you rinse the mop frequently during wet mopping and throw the mop head in the washer to keep it clean. 

Vacuum Cleaner With HEPA Filtration

The Maids relies on vacuums with HEPA filtration to remove up to 99% of dust and other airborne contaminants for healthier indoor air. Investing in a vacuum with HEPA filtration is an EPA recommendation, especially for those with allergies and asthma. Most modern vacuums feature multiple attachments and settings, making cleaning even easier. Extensions are ideal for hard-to-reach spots, and a hard-surface setting lets you clean hardwood and tile floors safely. Check out how to keep your vacuum cleaner clean and working like a champ. 

The Maids: San Diego Home Cleaning Made Simple

Since 1979, we’ve transformed homes across North America into clean, healthier places to relax and recharge. When you want to experience a clean you can feel with all your senses, you want The Maids. Discover how The Maids can help you enjoy a clean home and more time for what you love with a custom cleaning quote. Whether you use our San Diego home cleaning guide or invest in our popular cleaning services, The Maids makes housekeeping simple.

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