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Ten Gifts Any Clean
Freak Will Love

November 17, 2021

For especially particular clean freaks (ourselves included), nothing brings more joy than a spotless, well-organized home. In fact some people- okay, yes, it’s us again- actually enjoy the cleaning process itself. It’s soothing, fun, and downright therapeutic. 

While cleaning for leisure might not be your cup of tea, it’s likely a certain Type-A someone in your life comes to mind. With the holidays on the horizon, get a head start on shopping with this list of perfect gifts for cleaning lovers.

Gifts for Neat Freaks

Tell your friend to say goodbye to wrinkled clothing and hello to a beautiful looking closet with these helpful garment folders. They’re a little extra, yes, but they provide that extra sharp look that clean freaks go crazy for.

Any cootie-conscious person will love that their phone can get charged and sanitized all at once. It’s easy to sleep well knowing that your favorite little device will be good as new and germ-free in the morning. Check out this multifunctional phone station.

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Steam is the ultimate disinfectant. It’s effective and natural. What’s not to love? Check out this convenient steam cleaner, and give your friend the magic of sparkling counters.

Decanted pantry staples, perfectly labeled and accessible? Now that is a sight for clean freaks to behold. This label maker is handy and simple. Your loved one can label anything and everything: bins of kids’ toys, office folders, seasonal décor in storage- the sky’s the limit.

Now this is a stocking stuffer that truly gets into the nitty gritty. This gap scrub brush will bring so much satisfaction to the clean freak who’s always trying to take it to the next level. Help them get every square inch shining- literally!

Not even a veteran husband can mess this one up. Help your clean-freak friend keep laundry perfectly organized with this no-brainer system

End the anxious wondering about a birth certificate’s location with this practical document organizer. It’s stylish and sleek- great for any desk, mudroom, or other “home base.”

Funny Gifts for Clean Freaks

Searching for something sillier? Look no further than these microfiber cleaning slippers. Your loved one will appreciate multitasking while staying warm and cozy.

In Covid days especially, you can’t be too careful when it comes to public bathrooms. Give your germaphobe loved one something they’re sure to appreciate- and use! This public toilet survival kit includes a toilet cover, antiseptic wipes, and gloves. It’s a stocking stuffer sure to inspire some laughs.

Boundary setting can be hard; help your clean freak avoid being walked on with this funny and fashionable doormat. Shoes off means fewer germs and cleaner floors!

With this list, shopping for your favorite clean freak will be a breeze. Throw in a gift certificate from The Maids, and we guarantee (actually!) that they’ll be overjoyed.

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