Can I Afford A Maid Service?

Ever wonder how housecleaning service costs rank with other personal service expenses? “Can I afford a housecleaning service?” You may be posing this question silently in your head or directing it in a whisper to the interwebs, but we hear it out loud in our local

20 White Elephant Gifts Under $20

Your boss sent out an email reminder. Your mother-in-law just texted. Your daughter’s class is in on it, too. ‘Tis the season for gift exchanges, and you are clean out of money, time, and creative energy. Looks like we showed up just in time. (We do that a lot.)

8 Grateful Gifts for the Host and Hostess

As my mother showed me time and time again, being grateful and showing gratitude are two different things. Being grateful is a gift you give yourself. Showing gratitude, at least in her mind, meant never showing up empty-handed and never leaving without a heartfelt

Cleaning for a Reason: How to Heal at Home

One of the best and hardest parts about healing at home is being surrounded by all of your people and all of your things—unless you feel the need to pick-up after all of your people and clean all of your things. This is one of the reasons The Maids is honored to

These Clean Memes Beat Any Dirty Joke

We have long appreciated the art of the good, clean joke, and we’re happy to continue our yearly tradition of adding to our favorite cleaning memes and sharing the joy of cleaning (and the joy of having someone else do it). It’s fun-ny because it’s true. We can’t

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