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Move-In House Cleaning: Your Solution
to a Less Stressful Move

January 17, 2024

Moving to a new neighborhood or city can be exciting, but the move can be stressful and overwhelming. Getting the old place ready to hand over, your new place prepared for the move-in, and smoothly handling the transition is challenging. When you plan ahead and partner with movers, cleaners, and other moving resources, moving can be so much easier. Plus, you’ll have plenty of time for packing, loading, and tying up loose ends. Choosing the ideal moving option and investing in move-in house cleaning services means you can experience a less stressful move.

Why Is Moving So Stressful?

From the moment you decide to move to a new place, you must make decisions both big and small. You must weigh the financial factors, find a new place, consider the impact of moving on your family, and prepare for the unexpected. Relocating isn’t just stressful from a practical standpoint; it can also be unsettling for emotional reasons.

Our house or apartment becomes our home when we live somewhere for a while. We become attached to these places because they are full of memories, comfortable, and familiar. By moving day, you may be mentally exhausted and find it difficult to get going. How you manage your next move can minimize that mental stress. Instead of frustration and anxiety, your moving day can be filled with the excitement of a fresh, new start.

What is the Best Moving Strategy for Your Next Move?

You have several options to consider when planning your moving strategy. You can hire movers, move everything yourself, or lease a container. Each option has pros and cons, so let’s take a look at these three popular moving choices.

Do It Yourself

Having more control over the whole moving process means you have more flexibility, especially over the timing of the transition. Another positive part of going the DIY route is the savings. You can save money by putting in some sweat equity for packing, loading, and unloading.

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If you’re already on a tight budget, this may be the best option for your move—but beware. Moving all your belongings from one place to another is hard work and may be enough for many to say, “No way!” While hiring a moving service minimizes the amount of work, when you handle your move yourself, it’s all on you.

Lease A Container

Moving containers double as storage before, during, and after the move. You can move on your timeline because most container providers charge a monthly rate. Leasing a container for your move is typically less expensive than hiring a moving service. Just like when you rent a moving truck for a DIY move, you’ll have to load the containers yourself, so you’ll have to do some heavy lifting.

You still have the advantage of having all your belongings delivered to your new place, but you’ll have to consider the logistics. It’s essential to understand container restrictions such as space and municipal or community policies and plan accordingly. If you are moving to a new place in an HOA community, for example, dropping a container in your new front yard may not go over so well.

Hire A Moving Company

The best part about hiring someone else to handle the move is that you don’t have to work quite so hard. Professional movers will do all that heavy lifting and loading. A reputable moving service will also be efficient and reliable, taking the physical and mental load off your shoulders.

Some drawbacks of using a moving company are less flexibility and the often high cost. When you use professional movers, you give up some control from how things are loaded to dates and times. Perhaps the biggest drawback of going with a moving company is the cost. According to, the average cost of a local household is $2,300, and $4,300 for a long-distance move.

The time you have available for moving, how much stuff you must pack, and other factors will determine the best option. Whether you skip the heavy lifting or handle the move yourself, hiring a move-in house cleaning service can help you get a move on faster.

Hiring Move-In House Cleaning Services for a Less Stressful Move

The last thing you want when you arrive at your new place is to walk in and realize that it’s not exactly move-in-ready. Unless you’ve invested in move-out cleaning services, you’ve already had more than your share of scrubbing, mopping, and disinfecting. When you partner with a trusted and experienced cleaning service, you can count on your new house to be sparkling clean and fresh.

Why not make the final stage of your big move a real fresh start? When you partner with The Maids, you’re hiring move-in house cleaning services that go above and beyond. We’ve been cleaning homes since 1979 and discovered a few important things along the way. We’ve learned that smelling clean and looking clean doesn’t always mean a healthy clean. The Maids is one of the only residential cleaning services to clean for health by removing more dust, dirt, and germs than conventional cleaning services.

Following a proven 22-Step Cleaning Process, The Maids delivers a clean so complete you can feel it with all your senses. Your move-in cleaning team relies on commercial-grade vacuums with HEPA filtration to remove up to 99 percent of dust and other allergens. Invest in a move-in house cleaning to reduce stress and move into a healthier home. Get your personalized move-in cleaning quote and make your next move a smooth one.

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