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Moving Soon? Move-In House Cleaning
Can Help You Reduce Stress

November 1, 2018

Moving Soon? Move-In House Cleaning Can Help You Reduce Stress

Moving can be a stressful and overwhelming thing to experience. Getting the old place ready to hand over, getting your new place prepared for the move in and handling the whole transition smoothly can cause a lot of strain. Help is out there to do the heavy lifting for you. From hiring help like moving services or move-in house cleaning services to timing everything just right, a low-stress move is possible if you remain flexible and do some up-front planning.

Why Is Moving So Stressful?

From the moment you decide to move to a new place, you continuously have to make decisions both big and small. You have to weigh the financial aspects, find a new place, consider the impact of moving on your family and learn how to deal with the unknown and unexpected. When it comes time for the actual move, you may already be mentally exhausted, and your ability to deal with the last hurdle of actually moving may not be as strong as you would like.

Relocating isn’t just stressful from a practical standpoint, it can also be unsettling for some personal reasons. When we live somewhere for a while, our house or apartment becomes our home. We become attached to these places because they are full of memories, comfortable and, well, just so familiar.

Leaving your home, especially if you have lived there for many years, can leave you with a sense of loss which can cause additional stress. This sense of loss is natural and may even lead to second-guessing your choice to move altogether. Just remember that you can look forward to making more memories and enjoy the excitement of a fresh, new start.

Your Stress Levels Can Depend on How You Choose to Move

When it’s time to figure out how you are going to physically make your move, you have several options. You can hire movers, move everything yourself or lease a container. Each option has its pros and cons, so let’s take a look at these three popular moving choices.

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Hire a moving company 

The best part about hiring someone else to handle the move is that you don’t have to work quite so hard. Professional movers will do all that heavy lifting and loading. A reputable moving service will also be efficient and reliable, taking the physical and mental load off of your shoulders.

Some of the drawbacks of hiring a moving company are less flexibility and the often high cost. When you use professional movers, you give up some of the control from how things are loaded to dates and times. Perhaps the biggest drawback of going with a moving company is the cost. According to, the average cost of a local household is $2,300 and $4,300 for a long distance move.

Do it yourself

Having more control over the whole moving process means that you have much more flexibility, especially over the timing of the transition. Another positive part of going the DIY route is the savings. By putting in some sweat-equity yourself, you can save some money for things like fixing up your new place. If you’re already on a tight budget, this may be the best option for your move.

Remember all that heavy lifting we talked about above? When you handle your move yourself, that’s all on you. For some of us, this physical aspect may be enough to say “no way!” While hiring a moving service means very little planning on your part, going the DIY route means you have to do all the planning. Chances are, things won’t always go as expected.

Lease a container 

Moving containers are becoming more popular for a variety of reasons. First, they can double as storage before, during and after the move. You can move on your timeline because most container providers charge a monthly rate. And while it’s cheaper than hiring a conventional moving service, you still get the advantage of having the whole thing delivered to your new place.

Just like when you rent a moving truck for a DIY move, you’ll have to load these containers yourself, so you’re going to have to do some heavy lifting. You also have to plan out some of the logistics like where you’re going to put the container when you are loading and unloading. If you are moving to a new place in an HOA community, for example, dropping a container in your new front yard may not go over so well.

Hiring a Professional for Your Move-In House Cleaning

Starting with your decision to move to a new place, you have had a lot to think about. You’ve had to consider finances, your family, finding the right place, whether to hire movers and more. By the time it’s moving day, you are probably ready to finally get everything over with. The last thing you want to do is walk into your new place and realize that it’s not exactly “move-in-ready.”

At this stage of the game, hiring a move-in house cleaning service can be more of a much-needed relief than merely another decision. Especially if you only recently finished cleaning up your old place, taking on more cleaning chores isn’t something you want to worry about when you’re tying up those inevitable loose ends. Even if you are prepared to clean things up, you may not be in a position to get everything nice and clean before you have to start moving your belongings inside. That container lease or those movers may have you on a tight timeline.

Make Your Fresh Start Really Fresh!

Why not make the final stage of your big move a real fresh start? When you hire The Maids® for your move-in house cleaning, you aren’t just hiring any cleaning company. We’ve been cleaning homes for nearly 40 years, and we’ve discovered a few important things along the way. We’ve learned that smelling clean and looking clean doesn’t necessarily mean that a home is clean. That’s why we are the only residential cleaning service to specialize in cleaning for health.

Following a 22-step plan of action, The Maids® takes a healthier approach than conventional cleaning services. We use commercial-grade vacuums with HEPA filtration to remove up to 99% of dust and other allergens. Getting rid of all these contaminants can be especially important in a home that’s been sitting closed up for a while.

When you choose The Maids® and our move-in house cleaning service, you choose a healthier, cleaner home for you and your family before you even move in. Contact us today for your free quote and find out just how healthy and clean your new home can be. Moving doesn’t have to be stressful with the right partners by your side.

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