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It’s time to pack up, clean up, and move to a new place! However, before you rush out of your house onto the next adventure, there are a few important things to cross off the checklist. Here’s a helpful moving guide before you switch off the lights one final time.

Two Months Before Moving Out

Moving is a prime opportunity to finally do a cleaning purge of your home. Do you really want to wrap up those old knickknacks? Do you really need to haul around all those old notebooks? Be critical of what’s actually worth moving, and what can be donated or shredded. Use this time to call your utilities and give them a date to switch over addresses, so you don’t get overcharged. And if you can, use the two-month window to do some measurements in your new home to get a sense of which big items you can take with you.

Six Weeks Before Moving Out

About six weeks before moving day, start using all those perishable foods and goods you don’t want to box up. The lighter the load to pack, the more money you can save with movers. You’ll also want to start checking off any supplies you might need, like boxes, tape, markers, and newspaper. Remember to buy extra of everything. Last-minute runs to the store for more tape just aren’t worth the stress.

One Month Before Moving Out

It’s packing time! Start packing up those lesser used items first, like cooking appliances and framed photos. Remember to label each box on all sides, so you know how to stack what in your moving truck. Helpful hint: Label which room each box goes in for an easier move. You’ll also want to officially change your address. This goes for any subscriptions, bills, and other miscellaneous mail.

One Week Before Moving Out

Moving day is nearly upon you! Use this final week to defrost the freezer, refill prescriptions, and pack those final valuables (which should stay with you in a suitcase, instead of a moving truck). You’ll also want to do a final big clean to get that deposit back. Need a helping hand with that last part? Call The Maids! We know that moving day can get hectic, so we’ll give your home a thorough clean. You take care of the remaining details and we’ll take care of the final scrubbing, vacuuming, and everything else. Call us at 1-800-THE-MAIDS today!

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