Fight the Flu with a Clean Home

Flu season is no joke. It’s that time of year when we are reminded of all the germs we encounter every day. Over the last couple of years, we have all become more aware of the potential dangers that can live on even the smallest of surfaces. And during flu season, we have to be even more cognizant. 

If you’ve had the flu before, you know how awful it can be. The muscle aches, fever, chills, and fatigue that accompany the virus affect roughly 35 million people every year, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Don’t let the flu take over your home. Start fighting the flu by disinfecting your home regularly, and you’ll be that much safer this flu season.

How To Disinfect Your Home Before & After the Flu

Don’t worry, at The Maids®, we know how to deal with germs. Here are some simple tips you can add to your cleaning routine to stop the flu virus from invading your home.

Wash your hands regularly with warm, soapy water.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but even the healthiest people need a reminder. Don’t rush through your handwashing routine, and follow general handwashing practices. For quick clean-up, use antibacterial hand sanitizer. Make an effort not to touch your mouth or nose without first washing your hands.

Clean high-traffic areas and frequently-used items in your home.

Think of all the common areas where people may gather in your home. Then, think of all the things you touch in each of those areas. Make sure to also pay attention to places where visitors may gather. There may even be some areas you didn’t think of.

Start first with the room itself. Things like cabinet handles, doorknobs, and light switches can easily become a breeding ground for harmful viruses. All of those little things should be disinfected regularly. Then switch to frequently used items in the room; it could be a family computer, the remote control that we all fight over, gaming consoles, and even cell phones that can allow us to carry germs from place to place. To wash these items, use a slightly dampened cloth with soapy water. You may also opt for sanitizing wipes or a disinfectant spray. Whatever you use, make sure you clean the entire surface, like in between buttons or underneath the switches. 

Wash towels and bedding in hot water with soap.

Use color-safe bleach as needed if it is safe for the fabric. If you don’t use bleach, you can still sanitize your laundry. Don’t share your towels or blankets with others, especially if someone has already been sick in the home. It may take a few extra loads of laundry, but keeping these items clean will not only help your sick family member feel better in clean sheets, but it’ll help prevent the flu from spreading.

Clean out your vacuum at least monthly.

Some vacuums have bags you can change when they’re full. Others have containers you can empty after each use. Pay attention to hoses and filters, and make sure nothing is clogged. When you clean, you pick up germs and contaminants, even with your vacuum cleaner. Regularly emptied vacuums are less likely to spread those contaminants throughout your home.

Clean toothbrushes or dispose of them after an illness.

Ideally, you should replace your manual toothbrush every three to four months. But you can’t choose when you’re going to be sick. If you’re in between toothbrush changes, you can also disinfect your toothbrush. Boil the bristles in warm water. For an extra clean, you can use water and vinegar. Or even if it’s not time yet, switch it out for a new one. The more cautious you are, the more likely you will be successful in fighting off the flu virus.

Spend extra time cleaning your bathrooms and kitchen.

The kitchen and bathroom are the most used rooms in the home and possibly the most contaminated. During flu season especially, clean the bathroom and kitchen faucet handles and toilet handles daily using disinfecting cleaning supplies.

Simple, quick tasks added to your daily or weekly routine can be what determine if you spend this flu season healthy or sick and in bed. At The Maids, we are experts at getting rid of germs and disinfecting after the flu. If you’re still worried about the flu virus showing up uninvited, give us a call or request an estimate today.

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