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Fall Home
Maintenance Tips

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September 30, 2022

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Fall is the last time before spring when you can comfortably work on your home inside and out. The changing seasons also mean it’s time to ensure your home and family will be warm when cold weather rolls in. With fall home maintenance tips, a checklist, and a few supplies, you can winterize your home for a cozy, trouble-free winter.

Getting your home ready for fall and winter is easier if you start early. Depending on where you live, late August to late September is an ideal time to begin your seasonal maintenance. By this time of the year, the weather is bearable, and the kids are back in school, so your fall house maintenance project should move along quickly.

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

When you’re getting your home ready for fall, it may be more efficient to block off a weekend and take care of the whole project. Whether you begin outside or inside, this fall maintenance checklist will make your seasonal maintenance more manageable.

Indoor Fall Maintenance Tips for Your Home

Perform a Safety and Security Check

Fall is an excellent time to update your security systems. That includes checking smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and other battery-operated home safety gear. Test your home security system and make sure passwords and code words are updated.

Seal Windows and Doors

If you want to reduce your utility bills in the winter, fall is the best time to insulate your house. Ensure your doors have good weatherstripping and windows are sealed. Check the caulk on the windows and check for voids or damage and recaulk where needed. To help keep things warm, change the direction of your ceiling fan to create an updraft. Fall is also the perfect time to have your windows cleaned to let in more light and warmth during the cold months.

Program the Thermostat

Change the auto settings on your HVAC thermostat to account for the increasingly colder temperatures. Typically, you’ll want the home to begin warming up an hour or so before it’s time to get up. Because you’ll be warm in bed, program a lower temperature during the night. If you don’t have a programmable thermostat, switching to one can be simple and easy and save you money on your utility bills.

Break Out the Winter Gear

Break out quilts, coats, and other winter gear, and store your warm-weather clothes properly. Winter clothing and bedding may need a wash to freshen them up, so pull everything out before the temperatures get too cold. Don’t forget to round up sweaters, gloves, toboggans, and other cold-weather clothing and put them somewhere handy. While you’re digging, you might want to go ahead and pull out your holiday decorations.

Outdoor Fall Home Maintenance Tips

Prune Trees and Shrubs

It’s best to prune trees and shrubs in the fall because the plants no longer grow like in summer. Cut branches that are getting close to your home or hanging over car-parking areas to prevent damage to your home and vehicle. The last thing you want is a branch breaking from the weight of ice or the force of high winds and causing damage. With our handy guide, you can learn how to clean up the rest of your yard for fall.

Clean the Gutters

Leaves, twigs, and other debris collect in your gutters, and when it rains or snows, your gutters can get clogged. A clogged gutter can cause flooding, wood damage, and more, so it’s critical to clean the gutters once all the leaves have fallen. Make sure your downspouts are five feet away from your house for extra protection.

Insulate Pipes 

When temperatures drop low enough, water in your home’s plumbing pipes in a basement or crawl space can freeze. Because frozen water in pipes can damage valves and burst pipes, insulating your plumbing is a smart move. Check your local hardware store for inexpensive pipe wrap or insulated sleeves, and you can finish the job in a few hours.

Inspect and Clean the HVAC System

Your furnace will be working on overdrive in a few months, so now is the best time to ensure it’s working correctly. You can usually find a fall heating system inspection special running with most of your local HVAC companies. It’s best to let the pros check the blower motor and other systems in your HVAC to be safe. Indoors, you can change the air filter, wipe down registers, and vacuum ductwork to manage fall allergies and keep dust out of your system.

Use these fall home maintenance tips and enjoy a relaxing, worry-free winter and let The Maids take care of the fall cleaning. When you let The Maids clean your home in the fall, you get a beautifully clean house and a healthier environment while you’re locked down for winter.

In fall, spring, summer, or winter, our full range of residential cleaning services can give you a cleaner, healthier home more often. Call or get a customized estimate today and find out what we can do for your home.

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