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While hiring a cleaning service can drastically cut down on the amount of pet hair throughout your home, there are plenty of other ways you can minimize the fur fury. These five are our favorite.

1. The Lint Roller

This is a hack you’ve undoubtedly used before on your clothes to remove pet hair. You can also use it on furniture, car upholstery, rugs, and more. In a pinch, you can wrap a paint roller with duct tape, sticky side out. No matter how you rock it, this hack takes pet hair and rolls with it.

2. The Rubber Broom

The rubber broom is essential for pet owners who have carpet or large rugs. Instead of using a shower squeegee, which will require you to get on your hands and knees, this broom’s rubber bristles dig into carpet fibers and pull up hair that often is too trapped for even vacuum cleaners to pull. Plus, you can use it standing up, which means fewer backaches and easier angles, which is a plus.

3. The Rubber Glove

Those dishwashing gloves of your grandmothers get a new lease on life when it comes to pet hair removal. Just dampen slightly and run your hand over any surface that has accumulated fur—even your pets! Hair sticks, hands stay clean, and everything you touch looks better for it. We glove this hack!

4. The Pretty Coverup

Give pet hair the slip with a slip cover over their favorite resting places. Rather than fight cracks and crevices, a slip cover (or sheet or drop cloth or washable rug) can make easy work of clean up; simply remove, shake out, wash, and replace. For a guests-will-be-here-in-five-minutes hack, use the slip cover over the pet hair to guard your guests’ clothes—and your pride.

5. The Prevent Defense

One of the best ways to prevent pet hair from covering your house is to brush your animals outside on a regular basis. By decreasing the amount of hair available, you can minimize how much fur ends up everywhere else. Use a high-quality brush, and give your pet plenty of positive attention in the process; you’ll both come away happier.

Do you have a favorite trick? Let us know!

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