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The Maids House Cleaning Services - Albuquerque New Mexico Maid Service

The Maids in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Call us at 505-296-3714


  • Albuquerque
  • Alameda
  • Corrales
  • Edgewood
  • Five Points
  • Los Padillas
  • Los Ranchos de Albuquerque
  • Manzano Base
  • Panorama Heights
  • Rancho West
  • Rio Rancho
  • Sandia Park
  • Sedillo
  • Tijeras
Cleaning Plans to Fit Your Life
Ready for an exceptional clean that aligns with your budget? The Maids now offers three cleaning plans, allowing you to choose the best service for your home.
Deluxe Plus+
Every Room Cleaned + Bonus Services
Enjoy a relaxing worry-free life while your home is taken care of with the most extensive plan for the cleanest, healthiest home environment possible.
  •  Bonded & Insured, Trained Teams
  •  Environmentally Preferred Products
  •  Every Room Cleaned
  •  Our 22-step Cleaning Process
  •  Ceiling Fans & Baseboards Cleaned
  •  Select Kitchen & Entryways Windows Cleaned
  •  Bedroom Linens Changed (upon request)
  •  Upholstery Vacuumed
Additional Periodic Services
  • ✔ Refrigerator Interior Cleaned Quarterly
  • ✔ Oven Interior Cleaned Quarterly
  • ✔ Interior Windows Cleaned Quarterly
  • ✔ Patio or Porch Swept Quarterly
Most Popular
Every Room Cleaned
When it comes to home cleaning, enjoy a complete, detailed deep clean for your whole home.
  •  Bonded & Insured, Trained Teams
  •  Environmentally Preferred Products
  •  Every Room Cleaned
  •  Our 22-step Cleaning Process
  •  Ceiling Fans & Baseboards Cleaned
  •  Select Kitchen & Entryways Windows Cleaned
  •  Bedroom Linens Changed (upon request)
  •  Upholstery Vacuumed
Five Rooms Cleaned
Get a thorough cleaning of your home’s most-used rooms – kitchen, main floor bathroom, master bedroom, master bathroom, plus choice of living room, dining room or family room.
  •  Bonded & Insured, Trained Teams
  •  Environmentally Preferred Products
  •  Five Rooms Cleaned

One-Time Cleaning Services

Your busy lifestyle can make it hard to balance work, family, and other responsibilities, so why not lighten your load with a one-time cleaning? If your housekeeping routine is derailing your life, let The Maids in Albuquerque spare you some time by deep cleaning your home from top to bottom.

Spring Fall Cleaning Service

Seasonal cleaning projects mean deep cleaning and catching up on all those little chores we tend to put off, so they can often take up entire weekends. The Maids in Albuquerque can tackle spring and fall cleanups or any other annual cleaning projects so you can reclaim your weekends.

Same Day Cleaning Services

When you find out unexpected guests are on the way and your home is a mess, we understand the stress. Cleaning emergencies are bound to happen, and that's why we're ready to leap into action to get things clean again. Contact The Maids in Albuquerque to see if same day cleaning is available in your neighborhood.

Moving Cleaning Services

When you're packed up and ready to hit the road, why not skip the final cleanup and let us take care of the dirt and grime? The Maids in Albuquerque can get your old home fresh and clean from top to bottom so you can stay on schedule or even get your renter’s security deposit back.

Special Cleaning Services

There are so many cleaning chores around your home that rarely make it onto your regular cleaning list. That's why we offer so many special cleaning options. Call The Maids in Albuquerque to learn more about unique cleaning services like window washing, carpet maintenance, and more.

Recurring Cleaning Services

When life gets too busy or you’re physically unable to keep up with the housekeeping, it may be time to invest in a scheduled residential cleaning service. The Maids in Albuquerque offers weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly recurring cleaning services with flexible and affordable options for your specific cleaning needs.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Running a business is challenging enough without having to worry about routine cleaning maintenance. And yet, keeping your business facility clean is a must for employees and customers. When you invest in our business cleaning services, The Maids in Albuquerque will take care of the dirty work so you can take care of business.

Holiday House Cleaning Services

Deep cleaning, decorating, and marathon cooking sessions are holiday traditions that can take up an entire holiday season. We can't help you decorate or cook up a delicious holiday meal, but The Maids in Albuquerque can beautifully clean your home so you can spend more time with family and friends.

Apartment Cleaning Services

Part of what makes apartment and condo living so attractive is the built-in services like maintenance and landscaping. But what about maid service? Take apartment living to a whole new level of convenience and let The Maids in Albuquerque get your home clean week after week!

Move-In Cleaning Services

Moving to a new place? Unfortunately, not everyone makes their home presentable after leaving, and the last thing you want to do is clean up someone else’s mess on moving day. Let The Maids in Albuquerque dust, scrub, and mop to get your new home move-in ready before you arrive so you can settle in more quickly.

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Introducing Elite 90 Cleaning Service in Albuquerque, NM

The Maids now provides an exclusive offering for those needing service in a hurry. The arrival of a cleaning team within 90 minutes of booking! These superheroes of clean are known as the Elite 90 Team, elite because, well, they are awesome, and 90 because they arrive within 90 minutes.

We realize life can catch you by surprise. Maybe it is unexpected last-minute guests and your place is a mess. Or you are moving out of your home and simply ran out of time. Or your obligations in life are outnumbering the minutes in the day, and you need fast help to ease anxiety and stress. We have been there, and simply The Maids is here for you to make life easier.

To hire an Elite 90 Team:

  1. Call (505) 296-3714 or Text CLEANNOW to 800-843-6243. Staff will expedite your appointment time.
  2. Provide your home's details like square footage, and number of bathrooms and bedrooms, so we can estimate the time it will take an Elite 90 Team to clean your home.
  3. Book a clean by providing a form of payment.

Just like that, The Maids will deploy a trusty Elite 90 Team to be at your door within 90-minutes or less of booking. Really, it's that simple.  


House Cleaning Services in Albuquerque, NM

Outdoor recreation areas, entertainment venues and authentic Southwest cuisine are just some of the things that make living in Albuquerque so enjoyable. But between work, family and responsibilities like housekeeping, it’s hard to find the time to get out and enjoy the adventures and activities. If you haven’t, maybe it’s time to think about all the things you could do instead of dusting and mopping.

"Because I've Got Better Things To Do."®

If your weekend plans don’t include a day at ABQ BioPark to enjoy the garden paths or camping and hiking up at Cibola National Forest, then you need to find more free time. We can help with that. Imagine if your home was neat and clean without having to do any of the dirty work thanks to The Maids® and our house cleaning services. You could catch a live show at the El Rey or the Sunshine Theater. Maybe take the kids to the zoo or to Explora or any number of other fun family places. We can help you get out and enjoy your favorites more often when you call us at 505-296-3714 to get your free home cleaning quote.

The Maids® of Albuquerque Referred for a Reason®

Who is The Maids® and why are we a better choice than all those other cleaning services in Albuquerque? We are one of the most referred cleaning services across the country, and we’ve been making homes cleaner and healthier for over 40 years. A clean home and a healthier environment are important to us, so we can come up with plenty of reasons The Maids® is the right choice for your home and family in Albuquerque.

The Maids® is the only residential cleaning service to specialize exclusively in cleaning for health by removing more dirt, germs and other pollutants than conventional cleaning ever could. How do we do it? The Maids® Healthy Touch® Deep Cleaning System is a 22-step process created to ensure our teams clean thoroughly and create a healthier environment with every service we offer. The Maids® even disinfects commonly touched areas like light switches and cabinet pulls to prevent germs from spreading around your home. Plus, we use vacuums with HEPA filtration to remove much of the dust, allergens and other pollutants for a healthier environment.

We also have something else no other residential cleaning can offer — Mr. Clean®. The Maids® offers the only cleaning services endorsed by this legend in cleaning. Trusted for over half of a century, the iconic Mr. Clean® is now our exclusive partner for house cleaning in Albuquerque. Our dedicated, professionally trained teams and the added muscle of Mr. Clean® combine for superior cleaning. We couldn’t ask for a better partner or addition to our approved list of cleaning tools.

Albuquerque Cleaning Service Near Me

Are you ready for a cleaner and healthier home and more time to enjoy life? If you answered “yes,” and you live in Sandia Park, Tijeras, Edgewood or the surrounding area, then you owe it to yourself to see what a difference The Maids® can make for your home. Give us a call today!

Exclusions, restrictions or fees may apply to Elite 90 Offering.


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We are in a routine now, I appreciate the extra things Team Red does for me. I have two dogs,...   Read More
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Alexandra W.

Sandra and crew went above and beyond.   Read More
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Leah M

Sandra and her team did an excellent job with cleaning our house. It looked like a brand new...   Read More
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Erica G.

Fantastic service!! Everything was cleaned very well! Loved it and will use this service...   Read More
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Ivy H

Team Purple did a good job cleaning a very dirty house!   Read More
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Happy Client

the purple teem is great, always smiling and always nice   Read More
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Stephen W.

Everything was very clean. Sandra was very friendly & well organized.   Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting your home clean is easier than you think.

Spring and Fall Cleaning: If you dread seasonal cleaning projects, we can take care of spring cleaning, fall cleanup and other seasonal chores. From mopping and scrubbing to dusting and disinfecting, we’ll keep your home clean season after season. 

Moving Cleaning Services: If you're moving, you should call The Maids. We’ll handle the final cleanup so you can focus on getting settled in your new home. We can scrub down your new residence, too, to make sure it’s move-in ready. 

Special Cleaning Services: When it's time to tackle big cleaning chores like mattresses and ovens, it's time for The Maids in Albuquerque. Call 505-296-3714 to find out about specialty house cleaning services in your neighborhood.

One-Time Cleaning: Let The Maids get rid of built-up dust and dirt so you can get your housekeeping routine back to normal. After just one visit, you'll see the difference our unique cleaning approach can make in your home.

Recurring Cleaning: Get a cleaner home more often without lifting a finger. Whether you choose weekly, bi-weekly or monthly maid service, we're ready to roll up our sleeves and take care of the dirty work. 

From Edgewood to Rio Rancho, we provide house cleaning services all across the Albuquerque area. Call 505-296-3714 today to see if The Maids in Alameda cleans up in your neighborhood.

If you need your house cleaned today, your local office may have the last-minute resources to help. Call The Maids in Corrales at 505-296-3714 to see if same day house cleaning is available in your area.

The average house cleaning cost in Albuquerque depends on how big your home is, the number of rooms and other factors. Get your personalized estimate today and let The Maids find the perfect fit for your budget and cleaning needs.

The Maids in Alameda uses environmentally preferred cleaning products and tools. We use commercial-grade vacuums with HEPA filtration to capture up to 99 percent of airborne pollutants, and our exclusive partner Mr. Clean gives us the muscle we need to fight the toughest dirt.

How long it takes to clean a home in Corrales varies, but you can always count on an efficient and thorough cleaning. Using our 22-Step Cleaning Process, our professional and experienced teams only take about two hours to clean 2,000 square feet of living space.

We are the only residential cleaning service in Albuquerque to specialize in cleaning for health exclusively. Choose the maid service that provides a deeper, healthier clean –  choose The Maids.

Albuquerque News

The Maids of Albuquerque has joined forces with Cleaning for a Reason, to make the lives of female cancer patients a bit easier. ... MORE >

Housekeeping Jobs

Are you looking for a fun team environment with room for advancement? The Maids may be the career choice for you! Search a variety of open house cleaning jobs or administrative positions in your area, such as maid, field or sales manager, or team leader.

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