‘Twas the week before Christmas and all through the house, no one was helping mom clean, not the kids, nor her spouseWe’re pretty sure that’s how the classic line goes. Most mamas can relate to this familiar pickle. In the short time leading up to the holidays, as schedules become busier than ever, muddy snow boots get deposited in the hallway and discarded school projects accumulate on the countertopsIn addition to the extra clutter, the visible dust and dirt around the house are driving you crazy and adding to your mental “to-do” list. Sadlyit feels like the brunt of the work tends to fall on the shoulders of the mom. 

But its not just the house that needs attending to; there are goodies to be baked for a classroom party, presents to be purchased and wrapped, and menus to be planned for your in-laws annual visit. It’s easy for chaos to take over when you’re spread too thin. That’s where we come in. 

Let us take this task off of your overflowing plate. Here are three reasons why you should consider hiring The Maids before the holidays. 

Frees up valuable time.  

Because of the busyness of the season, routine cleaning often falls to the wayside. Unattended daily, weekly, and monthly chores accrue, culminating in potential hours of cleaning work ahead.  And, as a wise woman once said, “ain’t nobody got time for that.” You most definitely don’t have time to deep clean the house, but the good news is: we do! When you delegate the biggest chores to us, you can spend your precious time doing what you need to do (perfecting that pecan pie recipe) and what you want to do (shopping for festive scented candles).  

Relieve stress while impressing your guests. 

Having this enormous task taken care of alleviates a lot of holiday-related stress and anxiety, especially if you are expecting guests. You won’t have to lose sleep worrying about your judgey sister-in-law or neighbor scoping out imperfections. Knowing that your home is spotless and shining will help you sleep in heavenly peace.  

Don’t dread the aftermath. 

Speaking of company, playing hostess often ends with a mess. Even without company, post-holiday homes feel cluttered when festive decorations are up long past due. Booking The Maids isn’t just for holiday preparation; we can also help get your home clean, refreshed, and ready for the New Year. 

Whether it’s before, after, or right in the midst of the holiday season, we’ll transform your home into a sparkling clean winter wonderland. 

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