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Whether it’s the first time you are hiring a maid service or the first time with a new housekeeping team, getting the clean you want doesn’t always happen the first time around. Establishing a great working relationship takes time and commitment. And, more often than not, it boils down to better communication.

Establish clear expectations.

Even the best cleaning services will not be able to read your mind. If your satisfaction and peace of mind hinge on specific rooms or tasks, say so. Not only does this help your cleaning team prioritize their day, but it also lays the groundwork for future conversations and consequences, if necessary. Sometimes it is helpful to do an in-person walk-through, provide a written list of priority items, or leave a note during some cleanings to make sure certain tasks get done.

“I’m a stickler about bathrooms,” said Mary, who has used The Maids for over a year. “I know I give my cleaning team plenty to do when they come, but nothing makes me feel better than walking into a bright, clean shower and a bathroom that smells fresh.”

State specific examples.

Phrases like, “The kitchen floor is sticky, and there are still dishes in the sink” is more effective than “I need you to clean the kitchen better.” Be clear and state facts. Begin with the benefit of the doubt (perhaps they spent more time on another room of importance or this was just a one-time event). Ask questions and be courteous; however, if their future employment hinges on better performance, make this clear as well.

“I took a pan down from above my fridge one day and was surprised at how dirty it was,” said Sheila, an advertising executive in Charlotte. “I mentioned it once to my cleaning crew, and now every time I reach up there, I know it’s clean. I love how they always remember.”

Accept that perfection isn’t always possible.

If you feel like you’ve tried several different maid services and no one has cleaned to your standards, it may be worth exploring what you wanted the end result to be. Cleaning services can save you time, energy, and even money; if you find yourself devoting more time to explaining or complaining, it could be time to either move on or accept that no one will ever clean your home as well as you do. That said, if a housekeeper or a cleaning company says they’re going to do something, they should do it.

Another thing worth noting is that no amount of polish or clean can breathe new life into old appliances, carpet, vinyl, or bathtubs; cleaning teams may be miracle workers, but they don’t have wands (yet).

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