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Mother’s Day Gifts That Will Fill
Her Heart (But Not Her Home)

April 21, 2021

We’ve learned a lot through the experiences of the last year, and one of those important lessons was about the resiliency and supernatural abilities of The Mom. Moms are the backbones of society; and, without question, most families’ MVPs. They love, schedule, clothe, clean, taxi, care, and attend to the continuous mental load that motherhood involves. Even after their children leave the nest, Moms continue to bestow wisdom (and answer panicky phone calls).

Because of all they do and who they are, we want to show the moms in our lives that they’re appreciated and loved on Mother’s Day. The selection of the perfect gift is where things get tricky; you want something thoughtful and something that will make a mom’s life just a little easier. While it’s certainly tempting to gift Mom with another framed picture of the fam or a personalized mug, the clutter of “trinket-y” gifts can become overwhelming.  

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That’s why we’ve compiled a list of gift ideas for Mom that blends thoughtfulness and purpose.

Clutter-Free Mother’s Day Gifts

  • For Moms with a green thumb, give her a tasteful potted plant, beautiful perennials, or a tree to be planted. She’ll smile every time she looks at the beauty of her garden, and it will be enjoyable to attend to the plants knowing that they came from you.
  • For Moms who love nature, consider gifting a bird feeder and seed. Do some research about a location in the backyard that will best accommodate the feeder, as well as what the birds in your area eat. Bird-watching moms will love watching the flutters and hearing the happy chirps.
  • For Moms who need more “me time” (aka: all moms, everywhere), think about what might best recharge her batteries. Maybe it’s a long massage or a facial or a package of relaxing yoga classes.
  • For Moms who don’t get a chance to shop (or love to do so), get her a gift card to her favorite store.
  • For Moms on the go, treat her car to a car wash and interior detail service. This one can be done with a gift certificate, or better yet- a surprise! There are only a few better feelings than hopping in a perfectly clean car.
  • For Moms who love to cook, think about setting her up in a cooking class. She’ll learn some new skills and get to bring home delicious leftovers.
  • For Moms who do it all, hire a cleaning service to help her free up some time to do what she loves. The benefits of a cleaning service, even a one-time clean, are innumerable. She’ll love the soothing feeling that can only be achieved with a sparkling clean house. With The Maids, you can purchase a house cleaning gift certificate, so that Mom can schedule a clean at her convenience. Get more information about our cleaning services here.

When in doubt, you can never go wrong with a heartfelt letter and a gourmet breakfast in bed; just make sure to clean the kitchen afterward. 

What are you planning for Mother’s Day? 

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