No more mold, how to safely store your summer stuff

Mold No More

Mold. Just the name can send shivers down a homeowners spine. That’s because mold causes considerable damage to our favorite things, like a favorite dress or beloved leather jacket. Mold grows on anything, including cotton, linen, rayon, silk, wool and leather, causing discoloration, musty odors and even eating fabrics until they rot and fall to pieces.

Mold also flourishes in damp, warm, poorly-lighted areas when the air is not circulated like basements, closets and dresser drawers – the exact places where we want to store our out-of-season clothing. But by taking a couple precautions, you can safely store your summer items without fear of what you’ll find next spring.

6 Steps to Safely Storing Your Summer Items

  1. If possible, dry the air where your items will be stored. A basement, for example, can really benefit from a dehumidifier. Also, if dampness is an issue, don’t be stingy with the air conditioning. Cool air holds less moisture than warm air.
  2. Never put away or store any clothing item while it is wet. Make sure every article of clothing is completely dry. You should always clean the items you want to store, as clean clothing is less likely to mildew, just make sure to dry the items thoroughly once they’re laundered.
  3. Open up the storage container once in a while. One of the biggest inhibitors of mold growth is air circulation. Occasionally open closet doors, drawers and lids of storage containers. Some experts also swear by adding layers of tissue paper between clothes to further improve air circulation.
  4. Make your own mold sachets. Charcoal, yes the briquets, or charcoal filters (found at pet stores) naturally absorb moisture. Add the charcoal to a plastic storage bag, seal and hang in the closet. You’ll want to check on the bag every couple weeks because charcoal works so well to absorb moisture, it’ll start to pool in the bottom of the baggie. Simply grab more briquets, a new bag, and start again. For an extra bit of protection, put together a similar sachet, but use cedar chips, to ward away insects like moths.
  5. You can also purchase a commercial moisture absorber. DampRid makes several products, available at most big box stores, that can help absorb moisture. Just be sure to follow the directions on the package.
  6. Thoroughly clean the closet, dresser or storage bin you will be using to store your items. Dirt and grease can give mold spores a tasty diet that quickly propels their growth. Vacuum and/or wipe out dust and dirt and clean the floors of closets.

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