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How To Take A
Vacation From Housework

July 3, 2018

Summer is for trips to the pool, picnics and baseball games, not housework. But, unfortunately, messes don’t stop just because it’s summer. Plus, with kids off school on summer vacation, the messes are most likely even messier. Don’t spend the summer in clean mode. Follow these tips to lighten the load so you can enjoy the season by doing the things you really want.

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Divide Chores Amongst Family Members

  • Ever heard the saying, “Many hands make light work”? This translates to chores getting finished up quickly and easily when everyone works together. From enlisting the little ones to help, to asking dad to scrub the floors while you tackle the bathrooms, a group effort makes finishing off the list of housework tasks less grueling.

Make Meals Ahead of Time

  • Taking time once-a-week to prep meals can save you up to one to two hours a day. Those that swear by this process say meal prep can be done over a couple hours on Sunday to create five to six days’ worth of food, including lunches, dinners and snacks. The key is to become a multitasker, like roasting veggies and chicken at the same time, keeping the variety of meals comparable, making sure your pantry is stocked and using shortcuts, like pre-chopped veggies.

Have Groceries Delivered

  • Many grocery stores now offer the option for customers to shop for groceries online and either pick them up at the store or have them delivered. Walmart is one major national retailer that does this, but a lot of regional grocery stores offer this option as well. Outsourcing this task alone can save you a couple hours a week.

Make A List

  • Creating a chore list can really help you keep track of what needs to be cleaned, so you’re not overwhelmed when cleaning day comes. Make a list, like this whole-housing cleaning list, and spread out the tasks over a couple days.

Hire The Maids

  • The ultimate break from housework is of course to hire The Maids. We offer all sorts of different cleaning options to choose from. Want your house to have a good, deep-down cleaning? We offer one-time house cleaning that knocks out surface dirt and goes deep to eliminate grime and dust. Our recurring cleaning gives your home a regular once-over so you never have to worry about the dirt getting out of control. A recurring cleaning can be scheduled every week, every two weeks or monthly.

The Maids can help you determine what type of cleaning service best fits into you and your family’s schedules. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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