How to Steam Almost Anything

What an inconvenience to select an item from your closet or dresser only to find that it’s wrinkled and un-wearable. Before you’re tempted to haphazardly run your hair straightener over the creases, consider your options. Ironing is definitely a learned skill, but it’s probably an art form that’s lost on Generation X and beyond. Situations like these call for a convenient and effective tool: the garment steamer.

Clothes steamers work by heating water to boiling point and thus, creating steam. The steam is then safely applied to the garment through a nozzle. Unlike irons, they don’t require much practice, and, since they don’t come into direct contact with the item itself, it’s almost impossible to burn something. Another plus: it’s also impossible to steam a front pleat onto your pants.

Why Steam Your Clothes?

Besides the previously stated, there are a lot of benefits that steaming has to offer. Above all else is the quickness that fabric steamers provide. With already little morning time to spare, getting a chore done fast is key. Steaming is also great for more complex garments, like dresses, that would be trickier to iron. A quick steam gives more worn items a simple refresher.

What Fabrics Can You Steam?

To steam or not to steam? Steaming is a great option for most fabrics, but there are some that should be handled with more care (or preferably, by a professional dry cleaner). Fabric steamers work wonders for most fabrics, such as cottons, silks, wools, and polyesters. 

Avoid using steam to de-wrinkle fabrics like suede, waxed jackets, and anything melt-able, like plastic. If your item has embellishments or prints, steam it from the inside out to make sure that they remain in place. It’s always good practice to check out your garment’s label before steaming.

How to Use a Steamer

  • Hang the garment first. This is the best position for eliminating wrinkles.
  • Pour water into the tank of your clothes steamer, making sure not to fill past the line. 
  • Plugin the steamer and allow it a couple of minutes to heat.
  • Once you see the steam, run the garment steamer over the item in downward strokes, holding it a few inches away from the item itself. 
  • Gently pull on sections of the item, allowing the steam to loosen the wrinkles.
  • After steaming, the garment might appear to be damp or may have a few damp spots. Give it some time to dry completely before wearing.

Hand steamers provide a simple way to get rid of clothing wrinkles and give garments a little extra oomph. So go ahead and store that ironing board in an inconvenient back closet: you won’t need it for a while. For laundry concerns and all things clean, contact The Maids. We guarantee you’ll be happy.

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