header6You’re in the middle of cooking your signature dish. The pan is hot, the smells are exquisite and all you need to do is add your favorite spice before the food gets too crispy. You turn to your pantry and…can’t find the spice. Instead of a quick fix, you’re shifting through things desperately, trying to find that container you swear you saw yesterday. If this scene describes you, it’s time to organize your pantry. Luckily, this is extremely easy to do. Here are some tips for how to organize a pantry to perfection.

Embrace the Purge

The first thing to do when organizing a pantry is to embrace the purge. There is a good chance that there are expired cans of beets and stale bags of chips hidden in the dark corners of your pantry. Like an anthropologist, don’t be afraid to dig deep and uncover those expired items. Getting rid of waste will help tremendously when organizing a pantry. Additionally, if you find several food items that are still good to eat but you know you just aren’t going to get to them, feel free to donate them to a charity or food bank.

Organizing with Categories

Once you know which foods you’re keeping, begin to categorize them. This means grouping the pastas with grains, veggies with fruits, baking flour with baking soda and snacks with snacks. This will help cut down your search time for the next meal. Additionally, consider labeling your shelves. This way, when other members of your family pull something out, they know the proper place to put it back when they’re done. Remember, when figuring out how to organize your pantry, remember that it’s not just you. Anyone who uses the pantry should try to keep things neat.

Align the Schedules

While you’re organizing your pantry, take a few minutes to decide which items you tend to use the most. Are you a champion baker? Then you might want to store the baking ingredients and tools near the front. Is the weather getting chilly and you know you’ll be digging into the soups? Move those to the front too. By placing much-needed items up front, you won’t have to knock anything over on the way to the oregano.

Invest in Clear Containers

If you’ve noticed that you collect half-empty cereal boxes or bags of pretzels, one organization trick is to invest in see-through containers. This way, you’ll always know how much you have left of your food and won’t be tempted to clutter up the pantry with extra boxes. Avoiding double purchases is great step for keeping your pantry organized, as well as keeping costs low.

Once you have an organized pantry, you’re on your way to easier meal time! However, if your kitchen could use a good cleaning too, call us at The Maids. We’re here to offer you supreme cleaning services, so we can make your kitchen—and the rest of your house—sparkle. From cooking your signature dish easily, to being able to enjoy your meal in a clean home, we’ll help make your house look perfect. Explore your cleaning options by calling us today at 1-800-THE-MAIDS!

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