It’s everywhere. On the couch, carpet, and your clothes. Pet hair is pervasive in the lives of families with fur babies. And as much as our precious, four-legged friends are loved, dealing with the constant shedding can get ruff. You could always put up friendly sign near the front door that reads, “Beware the Hair”, or simply implement these hacks to keep your home fresh and fur ball free. 

For wood/tile/linoleum floors. 

Few things feel grosser than your pet’s discarded coat on the bottom of bare feet. Remove this nuisance by using a rubber broom regularly. Its thick, gummy bristles trap hair fast and without requiring much elbow grease. Dryer sheets work wonders to collect hair from baseboards and hard-to-reach floor corners. 

For carpet. 

Use that same rubber broom to loosen up embedded fur in the carpet. The hair will gather into clumps and become much easier to vacuum right up. 

For hard surfaces. 

A slightly dampened microfiber cloth does the trick to remove hair from hard surfaces such as cabinets, tables, and shelves. Use a lint roller on especially unique areas where hair tends to accumulate (such as lampshades). 

For furniture. 

Dogs and cats really know how to put the fur in furniture. Instead of eliminating black pants from your wardrobe, grab a pair of rubber or latex gloves; these are efficient at quickly catching the fur, and you probably already have some tucked away under the kitchen sinkAnother great tool for eradiating hair, specifically from furniture upholstered with woven material, is a dish sponge. With the rough side down, rub the sponge across the furniture to gather the hair for easy pickup. 

Preventative care. 

The best offense is a good defense, as they say. Help keep your furry companion feeling fresh by maintaining a regular grooming schedule. Routine brushing and washing does wonders to reduce excess shedding. Also, place a machine-washable blanket over your pet’s favorite lounge spot; this makes cleanup convenient, especially in the case of lastminute company. 

Apply these hacks to keep your pet-friendly home hair-free; or, if you’re already feeling hounded with work, contact The Maids. We’ll get your home looking worthy of best in show. 

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