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How to Clean and
Disinfect a Pool

September 1, 2021

Pools, both in- and above-ground, provide hours of family fun all summer long. But these outdoor recreational hotspots do require some regular maintenance, especially at the end of the season. In fact, pools need to be cleaned more often than you think, like twice a week often. While the process to clean a swimming pool isn’t easy, it can be done DIY. Follow our plan on how to clean a pool to make sure yours is clean and sanitized all season long.

Why Clean a Pool

First, you may be thinking that since you put chlorine or another sanitizing substance in your pool that it doesn’t need to be cleaned. You’d be wrong. One expert compared a pool to a shower or bathtub. You use cleaning agents in your shower (soap and shampoo) but while those agents clean your skin, they build up on porcelain, tile, and fiberglass. Can you imagine never cleaning your bathtub?! A pool is the same way. Chlorine keeps the water clean and helps clean the sides and bottom, but it’s not enough to deter every bit of algae or mold from growing.

Cleaning your pool before winterizing it is even more important as it will make the job of opening it next year even easier.

How to Clean a Swimming Pool

Before starting your cleaning project, make sure you have your tools. A telescopic wand is a must and will allow your skimmer, brush, and vacuum to reach the farthest corners of your pool (your back will thank you).

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Skim Off Leaves and Bugs

First use your skimmer or net to clear out all of the debris in your pool, both on the surface and below. Swim University recommends buying a heavy-duty, flat skimmer as it will be easy to empty and last all season long. Skim every day. 

Scrub the Sides of the Pool 

Use a nylon-bristled brush to scrub the sides and floor of the pool. Pay attention to any mold or algae spots, making sure to really give those a good scrub. And don’t forget ladders, steps, and areas with the least water circulation. Rinse out the brush periodically so you’re not just spreading debris and algae around. Brush at least weekly.

Vacuum the Pool Floor

A pool vacuum is a must when you need to figure out how to clean the bottom of your pool. Owners can either vacuum manually or use a robotic vacuum. Manually vacuuming your pool is virtually done the same way you vacuum your carpet. The vacuum head and hose attach to your telescopic pole and you move it back and forth across the pool floor to pick up debris. This task can take a long time, especially if there is a lot of square footage to cover.  

Robotic vacuums are self-contained units that drive around the bottom of your pool collecting debris. They are efficient, but costly. Each manufacturer has different instructions for using the vacuum but generally you can set it and forget it. No matter which you choose, it is recommended to vacuum at least once a week.

Pool Filter

Pool filters vary from a D.E. filter, cartridge filter, or sand filter and each use a different method to clean. Some can simply be backflushed while others rinsed with a hose. If you don’t clean your filter, you’re just returning debris back into your clean water. Clean your filter every time you scrub and vacuum your pool.

Pool Deck

The last thing to clean is your pool deck. Swim University mentions that usually hosing off or sweeping this area will suffice but occasionally you’re going to want to disinfect it because it can become a breeding ground for bacteria. You can clean the deck with a pool deck cleaner or use trisodium phosphate, a water-soluble powder. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and use a stiff-bristled brush to scrub the deck. Consider renting or investing in a pressure washer to make the process go faster. Clean your pool deck at least a couple of times per season, especially before you close it for the year.

If all of this seems like too much work, the best way to clean your pool might involve hiring a professional. The Maids understands just how convenient a professional cleaning service can be. Many people just don’t have the time it takes to clean their pool thoroughly. Determining how much time it takes to clean your pool depends on its size, so cleaning it might end up being a full-time job. The same could be said for your home. The Maids offers several cleaning services to get your home spotless from top to bottom. Call us today to request an estimate!

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