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How To Break Up
With Your Housekeeper

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March 22, 2017

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Breaking up is hard to do, especially with your cleaning service. While there are do’s and don’ts for ending a personal relationship, severing a business relationship with someone who cleans your home isn’t so cut and dried. And if your maid is a sole proprietor (meaning she only works for herself), it’s even more complicated.

Before you start the process, come to grips with the fact that there really is no easy way to do it. Once you own that it won’t be fun for either of you, don’t waste any time and try these tips.

If the breakup is due to performance

If you are happy with some aspects of service, but unhappy with others, the ol’ cut-and-run may not be the best solution. Take a moment to communicate your expectations clearly and use that conversation as a way to set up an imminent break-up if things don’t improve. By laying the groundwork, you’ve paved the way for both of you to make it work, and you’ve also crafted an elegant exit strategy if you need one.

Try saying:

“One of the reasons I purchased your services is because I don’t have time to clean the [list room/items here]. Right now, things aren’t as clean as I expected them to be, especially [provide specific examples]. I’m happy with [these elements], and I need that same level of detail in all that you do to justify the expense.”

If the breakup is due to price

Financial hardships happen to everyone, yet as hard as they are, they do provide a more “forgivable” way of ending a relationship with a housecleaner. The difficult part here is when you know that ending your services will come at the expense of his or her living wage. You can soften the blow by giving your housekeeper as much notice as possible and by offering to recommend their services others.

Try saying:

“I wanted to let you know I’ll be discontinuing service as of [this date]. I have been happy with your housecleaning, but I need to refocus my spending for the time being.”

Hate uncomfortable conversations? Homeowners can avoid these discussions altogether when they use a licensed and nationally recognized maid service. Companies are better equipped to reassign their teams to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty and will handle employee concerns in-house.

Of course, if you want help in hiring a housekeeper, that’s another story. Here’s how it starts.

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