header1-Holiday 'Games' signThe opportunity to spend time with family and friends is one of the best things about the holidays, and nothing warms up a wintry get-together faster than a few festive party games. From icebreakers and brainteasers, to silly diversions that end in giggles and laughter, holiday party games are part of what makes seasonal gatherings so fun. While there are plenty of games you can buy or play on an entertainment console, it’s the simple games that are often the most memorable. These holiday party game ideas for partygoers of all ages require little more than paper, pencils and a dash of imagination.

Start with Stickers

Greeting guests at the door with a sheet of holiday-theme stickers lets everyone know that they’re in for an evening of fun. The game “Sticker Monster” challenges each participant to use up their stickers by attaching them to other guests without their knowing. If you get caught in the act, the guest gets to affix one of their stickers on you. The first person to empty the sheet of stickers wins. Few holidays games are more effective at energizing your party right from the start.

Ready to Mingle

Whether you’re searching for holiday party games for adults or for children, the classic game “Who Am I?” is another game that encourages everyone to mingle and interact. Start by sticking a card with the name of a fictional holiday character on each guest’s back. Players try to guess their names by asking other partygoers yes-or-no questions. From Frosty the Snowman to Ebenezer Scrooge, options for characters from holiday stories, movies and TV shows are endless.

Telephone Pictionary

A stack of index cards and an assortment of pencils are all you’ll need for the game known as “Drawing Telephone.” Get the game started by drawing a picture on the top card before passing the stack to the person next to you. The guest studies the picture, moves the card to the bottom of the stack, and then writes a five-word description of the scene on the top card. The next player reads the description, places the card at the bottom, and draws a new version of the picture. Keep several stacks of cards in play so that everyone has a chance to see how the original drawings are transformed.

Holiday Selfies

Holiday games for kids that also keep adults entertained are hard to come by, but the “Camera Game” is sure to keep everyone laughing. The only thing you’ll need to play this game is a smart phone with a self-timer. After gathering everyone in a circle or around the table, set the timer, and instruct guests to strike their best selfie pose before quickly passing the phone to the next person. The fun comes with not knowing when the camera will snap the photo.

Photos also let you create lasting memories of the time you spend with family and friends, so be sure to keep your camera at the ready whatever holiday game you choose to play. If you need help getting your home picture-perfect, the professional cleaning teams at The Maids are readily available to assist you. Give us a call at 1-800-THE-MAIDS today for a free housecleaning services quote!

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