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The Top 5 Cleaning Podcasts

Between our busy careers and shuttling kids to and from school and activities, it seems like we live in our cars these days. Why not use some of this on-the-road time for yourself by listening to a podcast? What’s a podcast you ask? It is a digital audio file available on the Internet that’s downloaded to a computer or mobile device – it’s basically talk radio on your time. For Android users, podcasts can be accessed through Google Podcasts or even Spotify. Apple users will find the Podcast App pre-loaded on their phones.

Now that you’ve got a little background, it’s time to find some podcasts that will inspire you to get tidy, organized and clean. Lucky for you we’ve already done the hard work. Here are our top 5 cleaning podcasts:

A Slob Comes Clean:

Nony (Dana K White) shares reality-based cleaning and organizing tips based on her own life. She is a self-proclaimed former slob who now finds ways to keep the mess in her home under control. She shares cleaning, decluttering and organizing strategies. She’s also hilarious. Some great episodes to download include: “Prep Ahead Breakfast and Lunches” and “Folding Laundry (Why Does it Feel so Hard?).”


An Uncluttered Life:

This podcast not only dives into tips and tricks to get the mess in your home under control but also addresses some reasons why you let the clutter collect in the first place. You’ll find episodes like, “How to Run the Best Garage Sale Ever” and “5 Methods for Getting Help in Decluttering Your Home” but also “Why Self-Disciple Seems Hard” and “Busting the Myth of ‘I Don’t Have Time.’”


Ask a Clean Person:

Cleaning expert and advice columnist Jolie Kerr shares cleaning tips and answers reader questions on her podcast. She gives excellent advice on some of housecleaning biggest dilemmas plus some cleaning information you might be curious about (or maybe not) like how clean restaurant kitchens really are. Some episodes include: “Summer Stains pt. 2,” “I Love You But Your Hair is EVERYWHERE” and “The Worst Stain in the World.”


The Lazy Genius Podcast:

If you love cleaning tips but are also interested in cooking, hosting a party and budgets, this podcast is for you. Kendra shares how to be a genius about things that matter and lazy about the ones that don’t. She shares the easier way to get into a cleaning routine, summer detox and cook chicken, amongst others. Must-download episodes include: “The Lazy Genius Spring Cleans,” “The Lazy Genius Cleans the Bathroom” and “The Lazy Genius Hosts Thanksgiving.”



Cas is a stay-at-home mom with three little kids who gives practical advice about turning chaos to clean in just 15 minutes a day. All of her projects and tips are under $30 and under 30 minutes. Be sure to download: “Work Smarter Not Harder,” “Frantic Friday Family Cleaning Party” and “How to Run Your Home Like a Boss.”


These podcasts not only get into the nitty gritty of cleaning but the lyrics are also clean so you no worries about listening to them while the kids are in the car. Be sure to subscribe to the ones that resonate with you to easily find and download new episodes.

Once you clear your home, and mind, of clutter, call The Maids to really give your home a fresh start. From one-time cleaning, recurring or spring and fall cleaning, our housecleaning services are the cherry on top of your clutter-free sundae. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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