Since 1979, we’ve provided our customers with professional cleaning services that leave homes fresh sparkling and spotless, but last year we added a little muscle to our team. In September 2018, The Maids became the only cleaning service to be an exclusive partner of Mr. Clean. We’re proud of this partnership as it gives us the ability to still offer great cleaning services with the added benefit of using Mr. Clean’s safe products, like the Magic Eraser.  

A Better 22-Step Process  

How do you improve on something that’s already exceptional? For the last year, not only did our customers receive our exclusive 22-Step Cleaning Process done by our trained team of experts, but they got reassurance and validation from Mr. Clean – the expert on powering through dirt, grease and grime. 

Our 22-Step Process ensures no room or surface is left untouched. Our teams go through each step, like wiping down the outsides of appliances, vacuuming the floors, cleaning sinks and counters and emptying the trash, each and every visit.  

Deep Clean with Muscle 

Our customers love our deep cleaning services like our fall and spring cleaning servicemoving cleaning service and special cleaning services. The Mr. Clean professional product lineup has given The Maids some extra muscle to tackle these tough jobs. This includes cleaning out refrigerators, the inside of trash cans, cleaning walls and outdoor patio furniture.  

A Partnership for a Certified Clean 

We’ve always known we’re the best in the business for clean homes and since we’ve partnered with Mr. Clean, our customers get an added benefit of enjoying a certified level of clean. Through our co-brand partnership, our current and future customers have confidence in using The Maids, a professional house cleaning service “certified” by Mr. Clean – a service that will meet their needs, budget and high expectations for a beautifully maintained home. Your home will feel refreshed with a deep-down, professional clean that meets your highest standards, every single time. Trust your home to the only team trusted by Mr. Clean. 

The Maids has always been about convenience. That’s why we offer so many different cleaning services. Mr. Clean’s trust has ensured every service we offer gets your home cleaner and healthier. We’re celebrating a great first year and looking forward to many more. Contact us for a free estimate to put the power of Mr. Clean and The Maids to work in your home! 

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