By the looks of it, cleaning a chandelier may seem like an overwhelming job. That’s how I felt when my mother-in-law told me we would be inheriting the family chandelier. But (thankfully!) I learned that it isn’t as hard as it looks, as long as you follow these quick and easy steps. Always remember to turn the lights off and let the bulbs cool down before you start cleaning.

Once a week, take a magnetized duster and slowly go around the chandelier, touching the light bulbs, the crystals, and all the metal on the fixture. A magnetized duster or a soft cleaning stick will attract the loose dust and cobwebs better than traditional feather dusters, which may throw dust around into the air.

Twice a year, climb the ladder to get a closer look. With a soft, dry glove, carefully wipe down each of the crystal pieces, as well as the metal and bulbs. The gloves are the key because they allow you to use your fingers for intricate pieces and apply more or less pressure as needed.

Once a year, take the chandelier apart and give each piece a good cleaning. Using a mild detergent and warm water on a cloth, gently clean each crystal piece and the metal parts. Next, lay everything out on a micro-fiber or lint free cloth to air dry; you can also polish them dry if you are really in a hurry.

It’s good to know that most chandeliers have finishes that are properly lacquered and backed, so you shouldn’t use liquid cleaners or abrasives. These chemicals can ruin the finish causing discoloration, peeling or breakage. If you have questions about your specific fixture, you can refer to your product manual or you may be able to check the manufacturers website for cleaning instructions.


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