Roses are red, violets are blue, the living room is a disaster, the laundry is out of control, the floors are dirty and well, the kitchen is too. Wait, is that not how the classic Valentine’s Day themed poem goes? For most families, the nagging tasks around the house occupy too much brain space. So when it comes to seeking out the perfect gift for the busy people in our lives, consider ditching the traditional presents. 

That’s right: flowers, candy, clothes, and trinkets are certainly cute, but their feel-good effects are fleeting. Why not give something creative? Something useful? Something they will really enjoy?  

A home cleaning by The Maids are all those things and more. Here are three reasons why a gift certificate makes a great Valentine’s Day present for all of the loved ones in your life. 

Give them time to do what they love. 

Let’s face it. For most, cleaning is a tedious chore that replaces precious time that could be spent differently. By easing the heavy load that is a total deep clean, you’re literally giving your loved one the gift of time. Perhaps there is a particularly overwhelming chore that your person is dreading: let us take care of it for them. Our Special Cleaning Service can accommodate any specific cleaning-related job. With those extra hours, the recipient can focus on doing something they actually like. 

Deliver some peace of mind and relaxation.  

Having a clean environment accomplishes more than just the obvious. The home’s tidiness provides a sense of calm to its residents and gives them the mental “space” to be present. Fresh smelling air and squeaky-clean surfaces certainly don’t hurt either. 

Show your appreciation.  

Each of us know many people in our lives who are givers; they devote much of themselves to the needs of others, whether that be spouses, children, coworkers or relatives. Let Valentine’s Day be an occasion for expressing your sincerest gratitude. A gift certificate for a professional cleaning demonstrates an earnest desire to make their lives easier. 

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