Cleaning Mistakes

Here’s the deal.

People make loads of mistakes when they spring clean. They use the wrong products on the wrong surfaces. They sweep when they should vacuum. They wash what they should dry-clean. They forget to clean behind furniture and wipe down fan blades and disinfect the doorknobs.

As I said, there’s a lot people do wrong.  But the worst mistake they make is trying to do it all at once.

Spring cleaning is a ritual and one I happen to love.

When days warm up and more daylight pokes its face through my windows, I can’t wait to tackle each room. I pretend I’m reclaiming it from winter’s cloudy spell, the one that dirtied up my windows and layered everything in a film of flannel and clutter. One of the reasons I enjoy spring cleaning is because I take my time, one room at a time.

I recently wrote about my favorite Maids cleaning checklists, and I invite you to explore that article and our library of Cleaning Hacks for great advice on how to clean each and every room in your home (and how to check things off as you go!). Checklists are a wonderful way to stay on task, and they can help you break up the overwhelming into manageable days and weekends.

One handy tip I learned in my nearly 35 years of spring cleaning (I started very, very young) is that sometimes the best thing you can do is pare down. Declutter the kitchen. Clean out the closet. Organize the home office. It’s surprising how much clutter can affect your mental and physical health (as this blog will tell you). If you don’t have time to clean, toss what’s getting in your way and hire a cleaning team to do the rest. Goodbye, overwhelm. Hello, sparkling new world.

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