For most of us, when the heat kicks off, the air conditioning kicks on. We work in climate-controlled buildings and live in temperature-steady homes. We want to be at a comfortable 70 degrees at all times, and that’s ok. The problem lies in that we’re breathing the same air over and over as it recirculates through our homes. A good quality furnace filter does a great job of keeping our air clean but adding houseplants offers even more purification, plus they’re aesthetically pleasing! 

First, all plants purify the air as they convert carbon dioxide (what we exhale) to oxygen (what we need to breathe). Certain houseplants can also diffuse toxic chemicals like formaldehyde (found in nearly everything used indoors from furniture to grocery bags), benzene (found in solvents and plastics), and trichloroethylene (used in dry cleaning and paints), based on a NASA study. These 10 houseplants were featured in the research and successfully purified the air of the three toxic chemicals. 

  1. English Ivy – English Ivy is a perennial vine with variegated, lobed leaves that can be trained to grow up and around any support design. It does double duty in the bathroom as it reduces airborne fecal particles. Water generously, but not to the point the soil becomes soggy. 
  2. Mother-in-Law’s Tongue – Otherwise known as Snake Plant, is a yellow-tipped succulent that enjoys both full sun and low light, making it a good choice for bedrooms. Be careful not to overwater; it likes fast draining, sandy soil. 
  3. Chrysanthemum –The blooms of the garden mum resemble pompons or buttons and come in red, orange, yellow, white and lavender. Mums need lots of sun so place near a bright window. 
  4. Chinese Evergreen – A tropical plant, the Chinese Evergreen enjoys low-light, humid environments, perfect for your bathroom. It has large, pointed dark-green leaves that are heavily marbled. It has no cold tolerance, so make sure it’s not under your AC vent. 
  5. Ficus – The ficus has long, narrow leaves that are glossy and taper to a point. Iresembles a palm tree and likes well-drained soil, bright lighand isn’t particularly fussy.  
  6. Janet Craig Dracaena – This attractive Dracaena plant (in the same family as the mass cane or mass corn plants) is a sub-tropical with a cane-like stem and a cluster of leaves at the top. It does well on its own, without much fuss. The only thing it won’t tolerate is soggy soil.  
  7. Gerbera Daisy – These bright, cheerful plants have blooms ranging from 2 to 5 inches in diameter in colors like pink, yellow, salmon, orange and white. They love full sun and sandy soil and can easily be transferred to the patio or deck in the summer.  
  8. Peace Lily – A low-maintenance houseplant, the peace lily is not a true lily but resembles the calla lily. If given enough light, it blooms white, hood-like flowers. Wait until the leaves start to droop before watering. 
  9. Bamboo Palm – Unlike other tropical plants, the Bamboo Palm will grow in low light. Water using room temperature water and the soil feels dry. 
  10. Warneckei – In the same family as the Janet Craig, the Warneckei is slow growing and can be pruned at any time. Keep the soil moist, but not soggy.  

Just as these houseplants purify the air, so does our proprietary 22-Step Cleaning Process. Our teams use a HEPA filtration vacuum system to capture up to 99 percent of bacteria, pollen, allergens, pet dander and other pollutants. Pick up a couple of houseplants, call The Maids and breathe easy knowing your home’s air quality is being improved with each visit. 


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