Let’s face it, cleaning your home is a chore. But, does it have to be a headache? For those of us who are headache/migraine sufferers, cleaning odors are a major trigger. Many cleaning products contain strong scents and can cause someone who has frequent migraines to dive into a world of pain. Here are some tips to get your cleaning done while avoiding the triggers!

Choose your products wisely
Cleaning products are major obstacles for migraine sufferers. If you do suffer from migraines, some products have mighty scents that shouldn’t cross your threshold. Carpet cleaners are notorious for triggering migraine troubles. The aroma lingers in the air, leaving a strong fragrance behind. When shopping for cleaning supplies, avoid cleaners that that contain strong fragrances. Replace products with green cleaners or those that are labeled “fragrance-free” for less irritation.

Keep an eye out for new green cleaning technologies which are similar to conventional products and are safe for the environment, your home, and your family. The Maids chooses products that meet or exceed the current EPA and green standards, so they’re not only safe for customers, but also for our incredible team members who use them up to eight hours a day.

Work in well-ventilated areas and take breaks often
Although marathon-cleaning attempts are valiant, risking major migraines to get the job done is not worth the pain. Try and gauge your energy level and migraine status then pace yourself accordingly. On days when you have more energy and feel good, spend an hour or two on one room at a time. Remember to take breaks often to prevent migraine attacks. Spreading the cleaning out over time will not only make the workload easier to manage, but also your health. Also, working in well-ventilated areas during cooler portions of the day will lessen the chance of an attack.

Stick to the Label – Use household products according to manufacturer’s standards.
Using any product according to the label is the best possible way to get results. Cleaning products are no different. Using cleaning products can be pretty self-explanatory. You spray, scrub, and wipe away. Following the directions not only keeps you safe and healthy in the process, but it also can save you a lot of time and effort. Just stick to the label, and think twice about mixing cleaning products, as it can be dangerous.

Cheers to Your Health,

Miss A

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