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How to Clean Your
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November 2, 2023

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Let’s face it, cleaning your home is a chore. But does it have to be a headache? For those who are headache/migraine sufferers, cleaning odors are aggravating. Many cleaning products contain strong scents and can cause someone who has frequent migraines to dive into a world of pain. Here’s why you get a headache from cleaning products and what to do about it.

Why You Get a Headache From Cleaning Products

Many common commercial cleaning and disinfecting products, and even cosmetics, can contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). VOCs are gases released from solids or liquids that can cause headaches, rashes, and other health issues. Manufacturers can be more concerned with a product’s performance than you getting a migraine from cleaning products.

Because VOCs aren’t considered acutely toxic, the ingredients in products that produce them don’t have to be listed on the label. When ingredients aren’t listed, consumers can be unknowingly exposed to harmful chemicals. These chemicals and the VOCs they produce can cause migraine headaches, skin rashes, and even cancer.

Natural Cleaning Products for Migraine Sufferers

If you get a migraine from cleaning products, it’s time to go all natural. Natural cleaning products are safe and inexpensive without migraine-causing ingredients. Many of the ingredients we recommend for DIY cleaners are likely already in your home. Here are the essential ingredients for cleaning and disinfecting without using harsh chemicals

  • Baking Soda

Baking soda is a safe, natural alternative to many commercial cleaning products. It’s an excellent cleaner and deodorizer, and because of the slight abrasiveness, it does a fine job scrubbing away buildup. Best of all, baking soda contains no chemicals that can cause migraine headaches and other health concerns.

  • Distilled White Vinegar

Yes, the aroma of vinegar can be unpleasant, but it doesn’t cause headaches, and it goes away quickly. Vinegar is an ideal antifungal, deodorizer, and cleaner you can use throughout your home, from the laundry room to your garden. If you can’t get past the vinegar aroma, consider adding a few drops of your favorite essential oils to the mix.

  • Hydrogen peroxide

Do you get a headache after cleaning with bleach? Hydrogen peroxide is a natural alternative to chlorine bleach and other commercial household cleaning products. The three percent solution at your drug store is an eco-friendly antiviral cleaner that is ideal for many uses. From whitening grout to disinfecting countertops, a hydrogen peroxide cleaning solution gets the job done without the headache from bleach you usually get.

  • Lemon Juice

The acid in lemon juice works much like the acid in vinegar, but it sure smells so much better! Lemon juice can be used to deodorize, clean, and disinfect many surfaces in your home, and it’s perfect for killing mold and mildew. A natural degreaser and whitener, lemon juice is a common ingredient in many green cleaners.

How to Prevent Migraines From Cleaning Products

Making cleaning products at home using eco-friendly ingredients is good for you, your home, and the planet. But we know sometimes you can’t or don’t want to use homemade cleaners. Whether you use commercial or natural cleaners, there are steps you can take to keep those migraine headaches to a minimum.

  • Choose Cleaning Products Wisely

Cleaning products are significant triggers for migraine sufferers, often because some have strong scents. When shopping for cleaning supplies, avoid cleaners that contain strong fragrances. Choose products with green cleaners or ones labeled “fragrance-free” to avoid getting a headache from cleaning products.

  • Ventilate and Break

Although marathon-cleaning attempts are valiant, risking major migraines to get the job done is not worth the pain. Test your energy level and migraine status, then pace yourself accordingly. On days when you have more energy and feel good, spend an hour in one room at a time and remember to take breaks often.

  • Follow the Label

Following the directions not only helps keep you safe and healthy but also saves you time and effort. Stick to the label and whether it states it or not, never mix cleaning products.

If you’re tired of getting migraine headaches from cleaning products, make the switch to natural cleaning products. And when you want a clean home more often, make the switch to one of our popular cleaning services. We make it easy to get a customized cleaning quote and take the headache out of cleaning for good.

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