Mr. Clean Made His Choice

The Maids has been chosen by Mr. Clean as the only cleaning service to be an exclusive partner.

What does this mean for you? Not only do you get our exclusive 22-Step Cleaning Process and professionally trained team of experts, you get reassurance and validation from Mr.Clean — the expert on powering through dirt, grease and grime.
Your home will feel refreshed with a deep-down, professional clean that meets your highest standards, every single time. Trust your home to the only team trusted by Mr. Clean.
Trusted by Mr. CleanTrusted by Mr. Clean

Mr. Clean Brings Muscle to The Maids

The Maids has always been about convenience. That’s why we offer different cleaning services, from seasonal to one-time moving and recurring cleanings. Mr. Clean’s trust ensures every service we offer will get your home cleaner and healthier, to your exact needs.

“We’ve spent decades building the Mr. Clean brand and we didn’t want to trust it with just anyone. We did research into the brands in the home cleaning space and The Maids really stood out. The Maids were our number one choice to approach as a partner. We found The Maids has a great national presence, an outstanding brand and a dedication to quality service.”

Kevin Wenzel, Associate Brand Director, North America Surface Care