One of the most frequent questions The Maids hears is, “How can I keep my house clean?” It’s no wonder we’re all trying to uncover the holy grail of professional house cleaning secrets: few of life’s simple pleasures compare to the contentment you feel when you know your home is cleaned to perfection. But getting to that place of satisfaction is another thing altogether. With work, family and outside activities all competing for your attention, finding the time for housekeeping can be a major challenge.

Never fear! Creating a house cleaning schedule makes it easier to break the job down into manageable chunks. Clock a few minutes here and a few more there, and before you know it, your home will be sparkling.

Tips on How to Make a House Cleaning Schedule

A frank assessment of your cleaning needs is the truly the only secret to creating a house cleaning routine that works for you. Start by identifying the tasks that need to be performed in each room. Next, estimate the amount of time you’ll need to finish each chore. Whether it’s daily, weekly or monthly, you’ll also need to decide how often you want each job to be done.

The All-Important House Cleaning Checklist

Once you have a clear understanding of your home’s cleaning requirements, it’s time to get everything organized with a house cleaning checklist. Marking off items as you complete each task gives you that sense of accomplishment you’ll need to stick to your new routine. You might find it helpful to arrange the list by the days of the week; by spending a few minutes on household chores Monday through Friday, the weekend will be yours to enjoy as you wish.

For a Quick Clean: Time-Saving Strategies

Zipping through your new house cleaning schedule is easier when you have all the tools you need on hand. A lightweight cleaning caddy that you can tote from room to room makes the job go faster. In addition to an all-purpose cleaner, stock the caddy with specialty products like toilet bowl, glass and sink cleansers. Make sure you have all the necessary brushes, scrubbers, dust cloths and paper towels, too.

You can also shave minutes off your cleaning activities by adopting the clockwise house cleaning routine. Start at the entrance to the room and clean from top to bottom, moving in a clockwise direction around the space.

A Word About Clutter

It’s natural to focus on the actual house cleaning chores when creating your daily or weekly schedule, but if completing the tasks as quickly as possible is your goal, don’t neglect to add “declutter” to your house cleaning checklist. Constantly stopping to put things away or organize your belongings can slow the job down to a crawl.

Keep Your End Goal in Mind

What’s the best thing about getting organized with a regular cleaning schedule? It frees you from that nagging feeling that you’re not keeping up with your household responsibilities. You can relax during your time off knowing that your home cleaning schedule will keep you on track.

If you want to enjoy that same feeling of satisfaction without having to do the work yourself, remember The Maids is here to help with a full array of cleaning services. Just pick up your phone and call us today at 1-800-THE-MAIDS to discuss your options!



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